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Chamaeleon Church Discography

Chamaeleon Church were a short lived Boston group who recorded one LP in 1968.

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Chamaeleon Church: albums

info Chamaeleon Church, Chamaeleon Church, 1968

Chamaeleon Church: singles

info Camillia Is Changing / Your Golden Love, Chamaeleon Church, 1968, MGM 13929

Chamaeleon Church: on various artist compilations

info Family Circle - Family Tree, Various Artists, 1995
info Bosstown Sound, 1968: The Music & The Time, Various Artists, 1996
info The Best of the Boston Sound, Various Artists, 2001
info Mind Flowers & Other Psychedelic Seductions, Various Artists, 2008
info Parade Of Broken Hearts: Heartbreaks By The Number, Various Artists, 2008

Last updated July 2009