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Diga Rhythm Band

The Diga Rhythm Band was formed in 1975 when Mickey Hart joined an existing group, the Tal Vadya Rhythm Band, which included tabla player Zakir Hussain and students of the Ali Akbar College of Music. The group released an LP and toured in 1975 and early 1976. The LP was originally released on the Grateful Dead's Round label and included a contribution from Jerry Garcia.


info Diga, Diga Rhythm Band, 1976


info Happiness Is Drumming / Razooli, Diga Rhythm Band, 1976

Tracks on compilations

info For Dead Heads (UK release), Various Artists, 1976
info Welcome To Our World - 1990, Various Artists, 1990
info Around The World (For A Song), Various Artists, 1991
info The Best Of Both Worlds, Various Artists, 1995
info Over The Edge And Back, Mickey Hart, 2002
info 20: Rykodisc Twentieth Anniversary, Various Artists, 2004

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