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Earth Opera Discography

Earth Opera were formed in Boston in 1967. Peter Rowan had moved there early in the year after playing first in Nashville and then as one of Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys. He contacted David Grisman, who was at that time in San Francisco, and the two worked as a duo for a short period. Boston locals John Nagy and Bill Stevenson were then added. Later Paul Dillon joined the group. Stevenson left before the recording of the second LP. Billy Mundi and Warren Smith contributed to recordings and may have performed at times with the group. The group disbanded in 1969.

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Major albums

info Earth Opera, Earth Opera, 1968
info The Great American Eagle Tragedy, Earth Opera, 1969


info Earth Opera/Great American Eagle Tragedy, Earth Opera, 2004


no info Close Your Eyes And Shut The Door / Dreamless, Earth Opera, 1968 (UK)
no info American Eagle Tragedy/When You Were Full Of Wonder, Earth Opera, 1969
no info Home To You/Alfie Finney, Earth Opera, 1969, Elektra 45650

Various Artists Compilations

info Elektrifying, Various Artists, 1968
info Off, Various Artists, 1968
info Select Elektra, Various Artists, 1968
info Elekterriffic, Various Artists, 1968
info Elektras Best, Volume 1, Various Artists, 1969
info Garden Of Delights, Various Artists, 1971
info Elektrock (The Sixties), Various Artists, 1985
info Bosstown Sound, 1968: The Music & The Time, Various Artists, 1996
info The Best Of The Boston Sound, Various Artists, 2001
info Are You Ready For The Country, Various Artists, 2001
info Forever Changing: The Golden Age of Elektra 1963-1973, Various Artists, 2006
info Boston Sound 1968 - Revisited, Various Artists, 2006

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