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David Grisman Discography

David Grisman is a major figure in American music. His pioneering work, merging jazz, bluegrass and other traditional musics into a new form (now known affectionately as Dawg music) and his promotion of acoustic music have had a widespread influence. He is also a noted producer, composer and co-founder of the Acoustic Discs record label.

Though Grisman contributed to the Grateful Dead's American Beauty LP his major connection with the Dead has been his collaborations with Jerry Garcia. They were both members of Old & In The Way in 1973 and the Great American String Band in 1974. In the 1990's they recorded many sessions at Grisman's Dawg Studios. The first recording resulting from these sessions was the Garcia / Grisman CD released in 1991. More followed. David Grisman announced in 2004 that Been All Around This World, released that year, would be the final Garcia / Grisman release.

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Solo, group leader or co-leader albums

Solo, group leader or co-leader - major albums

info Old and In the Way, Old and In the Way, 1975
info David Grisman Rounder Album, David Grisman, 1976
info The David Grisman Quintet, David Grisman Quintet, 1977
info Hot Dawg, David Grisman, 1979
info Quintet '80, David Grisman, 1980
info Early Dawg, David Grisman, 1980
info Live, Stephane Grappelli and David Grisman, 1981
info Mandolin Abstractions, David Grisman/Andy Statman, 1982
info Mondo Mando, David Grisman, 1982
info Dawg Grass / Dawg Jazz, David Grisman, 1982
info Here Today, David Grisman, Vince Gill, Herb Pedersen, Jim Buchanan & Emery Gordy Jr, 1982
info David Grisman's Acoustic Christmas, David Grisman, 1983
info Acousticity, David Grisman, 1985
info Svingin With Svend, David Grisman featuring Svend Amundsen, 1987
info Home Is Where The Heart Is, David Grisman, 1988
info Dawg '90, David Grisman, 1990
info Garcia / Grisman, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, 1991
info Dawgwood, David Grisman Quartet, 1993
info Not for Kids Only, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, 1993
info Tone Poems: The Sounds of the Great Vintage Guitars and Mandolins, David Grisman and Tony Rice, 1994
info Songs of Our Fathers, David Grisman and Andy Statman, 1995
info Dawganova, David Grisman Quintet, 1995
info Tone Poems 2, David Grisman & Martin Taylor, 1995
info Common Chord, David Grisman and Daniel Kobialka, 1995
info That High Lonesome Sound, Old And In The Way, 1996
info DGQ 20, David Grisman Quintet, 1996
info Shady Grove, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, 1996
info Doc & Dawg, Doc Watson & David Grisman, 1997
info Breakdown, Old And In The Way, 1997
info So What, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, 1998
info The Teddy Bear's Picnic, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Bruce Whatley, 1998
info Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza, Various Artists, 1999
info I'm Beginning to See the Light, Martin Taylor & David Grisman, 1999
info Retrograss, David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger, 1999
info Dawg Duos, David Grisman and guests, 1999
info There Ain't No Bugs On Me, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Bruce Whatley, 1999
info The Pizza Tapes, Garcia, Grisman and Rice, 2000
info Tone Poems III, Mike Auldridge / Bob Brozman / David Grisman, 2000
info What Will You Wear, Jenny Jenkins, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Bruce Whatley, 2000
info New River, David Grisman and Denny Zeitlin, 2001
info Grateful Dawg Soundtrack, David Grisman / Jerry Garcia / Various Artists, 2001
info Traversata: Italian Music in America, David Grisman / Beppe Gambetta / Carlo Aonzo, 2001
info Dawgnation, David Grisman Quintet, 2002
info Old & In The Gray, Old & In The Gray, 2002
info Life of Sorrow, David Grisman, 2003
info Hold on We're Strummin', Sam Bush and David Grisman, 2003
info Been All Around This World, Garcia / Grisman, 2004
info Recorded Live At The Sunset Center, David Grisman Quintet, 2005
info New Shabbos Waltz, David Grisman / Andy Statman, 2006
info DGBX, David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, 2006
info Dawg's Groove, David Grisman Quintet, 2006
info Satisfied, John Sebastian and David Grisman, 2007
info The Living Room Session, David Grisman, Frank Vignola, Robon Nolan, Michael Papillo, 2007
info Grappelli/Grisman: The First Sessions, Stephane Grappelli / David Grisman, 2008
info At Jazz Alley 11/02/07 & 11/03/07, David Grisman Quintet, 2008
info Frank 'N' Dawg: Melody Monsters, Frank Vignola and David Grisman, 2008
info Live At The Great American Music Hall, 03/05/79, David Grisman Quintet, 2008
info Live At The Great American Music Hall, 03/06/79, David Grisman Quintet, 2008
info Old & In The Way: 10/8/73 The Boarding House, San Francisco, Old & In The Way, 2008
info Live In Japan 5/76, The Bluegrass Quintet, 2009
info The Pizza Tapes: Extra Large Edition, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Tony Rice, 2010
info Live at Wigmore Hall 4/21/96, David Grisman and Martin Taylor, 2011
info 25th Year Reunion Concert, David Grisman Quintet, 2011
info David Grisman's Folk Jazz Trio, David Grisman's Folk Jazz Trio, 2011
info Happy Birthday Bill Monroe: Dawg Plays Big Mon, David Grisman and various artists, 2011
info Del and Dawg: Hardcore Bluegrass in the Dawg House, Del McCoury and David Grisman, 2012
info Muddy Roads, David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, 2013
info Live At The Boarding House: The Complete Shows, Old & In The Way, 2013
info Live In Watsonville, Doc & Dawg, 2014
info Del and Dawg: Live!, Del McCoury and David Grisman, 2016
info The David Grisman Sextet, The David Grisman Sextet, 2016

Solo, group leader or co-leader: compilations with previously unreleased Grisman material
(May also include previously released tracks)

info Country Music For Kids, Various Artists, 1992
info Acoustic Disc 100% Handmade Music, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1993
info Out On The Rolling Sea, Various Artists, 1995
info Acoustic Disc 100% Handmade Music, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1995
info Honor: A Benefit For The Honor The Earth Campaign, Various Artists, 1996
info The Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers - A Tribute, Various Artists, 1997
info Acoustic Disc 100% Handmade Music, Vol. 3, Various Artists, 1997
info Live on Letterman: Music from the Late Show, Various Artists, 1997
info Alive At Twenty Five, Various Artists, 1998
info Acoustic Disc 100% Handmade Music, Vol. 5, Various Artists, 2000
info Stolen Roses, Various Artists, 2000
info Acoustic Disc 100% Handmade Music, Vol. 6, Various Artists, 2002
info Montreal Jazz Festival, Various Artists, 2002
info Blue Grass Roots, Various Artists, 2003
info Connections 2: In Benefit Of KRCB-FM, Various Artists, 2004
info KBCO Studio C, Vol. 16, Various Artists, 2004
info Jerry Jams, Jerry Cares, Various Artists, 2005
info Tone Poets, Various Artists, 2005
info KINK Live Eleven, Various Artists, 2007?
info Live! At The Krush, Various Artists, 2008
info Divided & United: The Songs of the Civil War, Various Artists, 2013

Solo, group leader or co-leader: compilations with previously released material

info New Acoustic Music, Various Artists, 1984
info Steal This Disc, Various Artists, 1987
info Rounder Bluegrass One, Various Artists, 1987
info Rounder Banjo, Various Artists, 1987
info Rounder Bluegrass Two, Various Artists, 1988
info A Different Stripe: Zebra Sampler, Various Artists, 1988
info Bluegrass Class Of 90, Various Artists, 1990
info The Stained Glass Hour: Bluegrass and Old Timey Gospel Music, Various Artists, 1991
info Blue Ribbon Bluegrass, Various Artists, 1993
info New Country: November 1994, Various Artists, 1994
info New Country: December 1994, Various Artists, 1994
info Hand-Picked: 25 Years of Bluegrass on Rounder Records, Various Artists, 1995
info The Real Music Box: 25 Years of Rounder Records, Various Artists, 1995
info The Acoustic Edge: Great Acoustic Music of the '90s, Various Artists, 1995
info Must Be Santa! The Rounder Christmas Album, Various Artists, 1995
info A Child's Celebration of Folk Music, Various Artists, 1996
info Songs Of The Stanley Brothers, Various Artists, 1997
info Songs Of The Louvin Brothers, Various Artists, 1997
info A Child's Celebration of Lullaby, Various Artists, 1997
info Classic Railroad Songs, Vol. 1 Steel Rails, Various Artists, 1997
info Acoustic Disc 100% Handmade Music, Vol. 4, Various Artists, 1998
info Soul Of Klezmer: Reve Et Passion, Various Artists, 1998
info Acoustic Holidays, Various Artists, 1998
info Dark Is The Night, Various Artists, 2001
info Lonesome Valley, Various Artists, 2002
info Bluegrass Mountain Style, Various Artists, 2002
info Freedom: Songs From The Heart Of America, Various Artists, 2002
info Freedom: A History of Us, Various Artists, 2002
info American Roots: The Essential Album, Various Artists, 2002
info Long Journey Home: Bluegrass Songs of the Stanley Brothers, Various Artists, 2002
info Jerry Garcia's Amazing Grace, 2002
info American Lullaby, Various Artists, 2003
info The Rough Guide to American Roots, Various Artists (David Grisman), 2003
info Acoustic Disc 100% Handmade Bluegrass, Various Artists, 2004
info Windham Hill: America, Various Artists, 2004
info Songs of the South: Farther Along, Various Artists, 2004
info Gather Round: Songs for Kids and Other Folks, Various Artists, 2004
info All Songs Considered: 4 CD Box Set Collection, Various Artists, 2004
info All Songs Considered, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 2004
info 20 Best of Bluegrass, Various Artists, 2004
info Acoustic Cheer, Various Artists, 2005
info Acoustic Swing, Various Artists, 2005
info The Appalachians, Various Artists, 2005
info Sugar Hill Records: A Retrospective, Various Artists, 2006
info Bright Spaces, Vol. 2, Various Artists (Garcia / Grisman), 2006
info Valentine: For Music Lovers, Various Artists, 2006
info Classic Bluegrass Collection, Vols. 1-4, Various Artists, 2007
info Music Diary: September: Travel, Various Artists, 2007
info Jazz Manouche, Vol. 4, Various Artists, 2008
info Let Me Be Your Side Track: The Influence of Jimmy Rogers, Various Artists, 2008
info Old Time Music Collection, Volume 1, Various Artists, 2009
info David Grisman's Acoustic Oasis Sampler, Vol 1, Various Artists, 2010
info The Rounder Records Story, Various Artists, 2010
info David Grisman's Acoustic Oasis Sampler, Vol 1, Various Artists, 2010
info Putumayo Presents Bluegrass, Various Artists, 2012
info Hits of Newgrass, Various Artists, 2013
info This Record Belongs To, Various Artists, 2015

Solo, group leader or co-leader - mandolin tutorials and teaching tapes/CDs

info Dawg Tracks, David Grisman, 198?
info The Mandolin of David Grisman, David Grisman, 199?
info David Grisman Teaches Mandolin, David Grisman, 199?

Solo, group leader or co-leader - videos/DVDs

info Doc Watson and David Grisman In Concert, Doc Watson and David Grisman, 1995
info Grateful Dawg, David Grisman/Jerry Garcia, 2001
info Classic Dawg, David Grisman Quartet, 2006

Solo, group leader or co-leader - songbooks

info Ten Tunes in Nine Keys, David Grisman, 1974
info Bluegrass Mandolin Solos, David Grisman, 1978
info Tone Poems: Mandolin, David Grisman / Tony Rice, 199?
info Tone Poems: Guitar, David Grisman / Tony Rice, 199?
info Tone Poems II: Mandolin, David Grisman / Martin Taylor, 2001
info Tone Poems II: Guitar, David Grisman / Martin Taylor, 2001
info Shady Grove Mandolin Solos, David Grisman / Jerry Garcia, 2002
info Shady Grove Acoustic Guitar Solos, David Grisman / Jerry Garcia, 2002
info Doc & Dawg, Doc Watson / David Grisman, 2002

Playing contributions to other releases

Guest contributions: albums, singles and single artist compilations

info Even Dozen Jug Band, Even Dozen Jug Band, 1964
info Who's That Knocking and Other Bluegrass Country Music, Hazel Foster/Alice Gerrard, 1965
info String Band Project, Various Artists, 1965
info Red Allen & The Kentuckians, Red Allen And The Kentuckians, 1967 (Japan)
info Morning Again, Tom Paxton, 1967
info Earth Opera, Earth Opera, 1968
info Single (Close Your Eyes And Shut The Door / Dreamless), Earth Opera, 1968 (UK)
info The Great American Eagle Tragedy, Earth Opera, 1969
info Single (American Eagle Tragedy/When You Were Full Of Wonder), Earth Opera, 1969
info Single (Home To You/Alfie Finney), Earth Opera, 1969
info American Beauty, Grateful Dead, 1970
info Whales And Nightingales, Judy Collins, 1970
info Single (Truckin' / Ripple), Grateful Dead, 1971
info Jack-Knife Gypsy, Paul Siebel, 1971
info Rotten To The Core, Crabby Appleton, 1971
info Things In Life, Don Stover, 1972
info Tiny Moore Music, Tiny Moore, 1972
info The Rowan Brothers, The Rowan Brothers, 1972
info Colors Of The Day: The Best Of Judy Collins, Judy Collins, 1972
info Live at the Keystone, Saunders/Garcia/Kahn/Vitt, 1973
info Won't You Come And Sing For Me, Hazel Foster/Alice Gerrard, 1973
info In Your Living Room, Martin Mull and his Fabulous Furniture, 1973
info Muleskinner: A Potpourri Of Bluegrass Jam, Muleskinner, 1974
info Maria Muldaur, Maria Muldaur, 1974
info That's A Plenty, The Pointer Sisters, 1974
info Tarzana Kid, John Sebastian, 1974
info Waitress In A Donut Shop, Maria Muldaur, 1974
info Skeletons From The Closet, Grateful Dead, 1974
info Tiger Rose, Robert Hunter, 1975
info Gorilla, James Taylor, 1975
info Prisoner In Disguise, Linda Ronstadt, 1975
info Kate And Anna McGarrigle, Kate And Anna McGarrigle, 1975
info Tails Out, Wayne Berry, 1975
info So Long Harry Truman, Danny O'Keefe, 1975
info Single (The Tracks of My Tears / Sweetest Gift), Linda Ronstadt, Jan 1976
info Something Auld, Something Newgrass, Something Borrowed, Something Bluegrass, Bill Keith, 1976
info In The Pocket, James Taylor, 1976
info Rockin' Chair, Jonathan Edwards, 1976
info Tony Rice, Tony Rice, 1977
info Duets, Richard Greene, 1977
info Banjoland, Tony Trischka, 1977
info Sweet Forgiveness, Bonnie Raitt, 1977
info Single (Runaway / Louise), Bonnie Raitt, May 1977, Warner Brothers 8382
info Sailin', Kim Carnes, 1977
info Single (Sailin'/?), Kim Carnes, 1977
info What A Long Strange Trip It's Been, Grateful Dead, 1977
info Simple Pleasures / Prisoner In Disguise, Linda Ronstadt, 1977
info Markology, Mark O'Connor, 1978
info Laura Allan, Laura Allan, 1978
info Acoustics, Tony Rice, 1979
info Fiddlistics, Darol Anger, 1979
info Catfish For Supper, Jon Sholle, 1979
info More Pretty Girls Than One, Buck White, 1979
info Manzanita, Tony Rice, 1979
info Bluegrass Guitar, Eric Thompson, 1979
info Great Balls Of Fire, Dolly Parton, 1979
info Medicine Trail, Peter Rowan, 1980
info Texican Badman, Peter Rowan, 1980
info The Tim Ware Group, Tim Ware, 1980
info On The Rampage, Mark O'Connor, 1980
info Livin' the Life, Chris and Lorin Rowan, 1980
info Messina, Jim Messina, 1981
info Natural Bridge, Bela Fleck, 1982
info Get Closer, Linda Ronstadt, 1982
info A Robot Plane Flies Over Arkansas, Tony Trischka, 1983
info The World Of Rudy Cipolla, Rudy Cipolla, 1983
info Double Time, Bela Fleck, 1984
no info Charged Particles, Marty Cutler, 1983
info Wild Child, David Burgin, 1984
info Going Home, Daniel Kobialka, 1984
info High Country Snows, Dan Fogelberg, 1985
info John McEuen, John McEuen, 1985
info Promised Land (Soundtrack), James Newton Howard, 1985
info The Crossing, Tom Taylor, 1986
info What's That?, Doug Dillard Band, 1986
info Afternoon Of A Fawn, Daniel Kobialka, 1986
info Gator Strut, Mike Marshall, 1987
info Waltz Of The Whippoorwill, Joe Weed, 1987
info House Of Hearts, Rory Block, 1987
info The Light Of The Spirit, Kitaro, 1987
info Live at the Keystone Vol. 1, Saunders/Garcia/Kahn/Vitt, 1988
info Watchfire, Pete Sears and Friends, 1988
info After You've Gone, John Jorgenson, 1988
info Dust On The Needle, Tony Trischka, 1988
info Daybreak, Bela Fleck, 1988
info Adam & Eve Had The Blues, Eric and Suzy Thompson, 1989
info Helpless Heart, Maura O'Connell, 1989
info Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Daniel Kobialka, 1989
info The Best Of John Sebastian, John Sebastian, 1989
info Greatest Hits, Vol. 3, Bellamy Brothers, 1989
info American Beauty / Workingman's Dead, Grateful Dead, 198?
info Rob Wasserman Teaches Acoustic Bass, Rob Wasserman, 198?
info Simple Pleasures, Alison Brown, 1990
info The Bonnie Raitt Collection, Bonnie Raitt, 1990
info Return Of The Inca, Sukay, 1991
info West Coast Music For Guitar, Joe Miller, 1991
info Time Present, Times Past, Coale Johnson, 1991
info Rainbows, Daniel Kobialka, 1991
info The Man In The Moon Soundtrack, James Newton Howard, 1991
info Oh, What A Beautiful Morning, Daniel Kobialka, 1991?
info Emerald Blue, Jan Stevens, 1991?
info Bluegrass Reunion, Red Allen, David Grisman, Herb Petersen, Jim Buchanan and Jim Kerwin, 1992
info American Portrait, Joe Weed, 1992
info On The Sunny Side, Maria Muldaur, 1992
info Minor Swing, Gerry Beaudoin Trio, 1992
info When You Wish Upon A Star, Daniel Kobialka, 1992
info Devout Catalyst, Ken Nordine, 1992
info Short On Perfection, Daniel Kobialka, 1992
info World Turning, Tony Trischka, 1993
info Womanly Arts, Liz Meyer, 1993
info Heartbreak Hotel / What's That?, Doug Dillard Band, 1993
info It's Been A Long Time Coming, Mike Garris, 1993?
info String Wizards 2, John McKuen, 1993
info Leaves Of Grass, Oliver Waitze, 1993
info Balinese Dancer, Chuck Prophet, 1993
info Muleskinner Live, Muleskinner, 1994
info Third Annual Farewell Reunion, Mike Seeger, 1994
info Let It Happen, Frank Vignola Trio, 1994
info North Of The Border, John Reischman, 1994
info Feels Like Home, Linda Ronstadt, 1995
info The Vultures, Joe Weed, 1995
info Sidewinder, Al Casey, 1995
info Forever Blue, Chris Isaak, 1995
info Feast Of Hearts, Chuck Prophet, 1995
info Paul Siebel, Paul Siebel, 1995
info Rhythm And Groove, Roy Rogers, 1996
info Strings And Wings, Radim Zenkl, 1996
info Pioneering Women Of Bluegrass, Hazel Foster/Alice Gerrard, 1996
info Dreams Fly Away: A History Of Linda Thompson, Linda Thompson, 1996
info Camptown, Joe Craven, 1996
info True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe, Various Artists, 1996
info Portrait of an American Original, Rudy Cipolla, 1997
info Heritage, Darol Anger/Various Artists, 1997
info Between Heaven And Earth, The Andy Statman Quartet, 1997
info Trios II, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, 1997
info Out Of The Frying Pan, Jon Sholle, 1997
info Home By Morning, David Gans and Eric Rawlins, 1997
info Keepers, Merl Saunders, 1997
info Celtic Quilt, Daniel Kobialka, 1997
info Forever: An Anthology, Judy Collins, 1997
info Portrait: The Music of Dan Fogelberg From 1972-1997, Dan Fogelberg, 1997
info Stories the Crow Told Me, John Cohen, 1998
info Swingin' In The Rain, Maria Muldaur, 1998
info Secret Handshake, Geoff Muldaur, 1998
info Just Among Friends, Gerry Beaudoin Trio and Guests, 1998
info Live In San Francisco, Stephane Grappelli, 1998
info With His Funky Friends: Live, Merl Saunders, 1998
info Onward Through It All, Jim Lauderdale, 1999
info Mandolin Maestro, Rudy Cipolla, 1999
info Meetings With Remarkable Friends, Artie Traum, 1999
info I Can't Help Wonder Where I'm Bound: The Elektra Years, Tom Paxton, 1999
info The Linda Ronstadt Box Set, Linda Ronstadt, 1999
info Balinese Dancer / Feast Of Hearts, Chuck Prophet, 1999
info Rockin' The Boat, Jonathan Edwards, 199?
info Retrospective, Mark O'Connor, 199?
info Bluegrass Special, Red Allen, 19?? (Japan)
info Thompson's Real, Eric Thompson, 2000
info Heartbreak Town, Ronnie McCoury, 2000
info Long Haul, Pete Sears, 2000
info Retrospective, New Guitar, Summit, 2000
info Gigs: Reminiscing in Music, Peter Ecklund, 2000
info 3 For One, Chris Isaak, 2000
info Music From Rancho Deville, Charles Sawtelle, 2001
info Cloudless Sky, Judy Fields, 2001
info The Golden Road (1965-1973), Grateful Dead, 2001
info Faithful Virtue: The Reprise Recordings, John Sebastian, 2001
info The Deep End, Vol. 2, Gov't Mule, 2002
info Paradise Is Awfully Nice, Peter Welker ... and friends, 2002
info The Best Of The Vanguard Years, Alison Brown, 2002
info I Rest My Case, Randy Howard, 2003
info Insofarasmuch, Two High String Band, 2003
info The Genuine Texas Groover, Doug Sahm, 2003
info The Very Best Of The Grateful Dead, Grateful Dead, 2003
info 58957: The Bluegrass Guitar Collection, Tony Rice, 2003
info All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions, Jerry Garcia / Jerry Garcia Band, 2004
info Now & Then, The Rowan Brothers, 2004
info Old Gnarly Oak, Chad Manning, 2004
info Lonesome & Blue: The Complete County Recordings, Red Allen, 2004
info Earth Opera / Great American Eagle Tragedy, Earth Opera, 2004
info Woodsmoke & Oranges / Jack Knife Gypsy, Paul Siebel, 2004
info Outward Bound / Morning Again, Tom Paxton, 2004
info 30 Years Of Maria Muldaur: I'm A Woman, Maria Muldaur, 2004
info Twilight Tales from the Prairies of the Sun, Steel Train, 2005
info Back To Back Extended Version, Tiny Moore & Jethro Burns, 2005
info Run, Old School Freight Train, 2005
info Almond Daze, Crafty Foxes, 2005
info Part of Your History: The Songs of John Hartford, Jamie Hartford, 2005
info Gypsy Rumble, Stephane Wrembel Trio with special guest David Grisman, 2005
info Swing Caf, Gerry Beaudoin Trio, 2005
info Rendezvous at the Nightery, Brandi Shearer and the Robin Nolan Trio, 2005
info Trilogy: Sweet Baby James / Mud Slide Slim / Gorilla, James Taylor, 2005
info Sittin' on Top of the World, Jack Cooke, 2006
info Slade Stomp, Beppe Gambetta, 2006
info Well Matched: The Best Of Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia, Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia, 2006
info Strummin' with the Devil: The Southern Side of Van Halen, Various Artists, 2006
info The Very Best Of Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia, 2006
info Yerba Buena Bounce, Hot Club of San Francisco with special guest David Grisman, 2007
info Gloria's Waltz, Jim Nunally, 2007
info Great Balls of Fire/Dolly Dolly Dolly, Dolly Parton, 2007
info Eternally Grateful, Grateful Dead, 2007
info Songbird: Rare Tracks & Forgotten Gems, Emmylou Harris, 2007
info Fennario: Songs by Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter, Emory Joseph, 2008
info Hello Cruel World, Mars Arizona, 2008
info Mandolin Restaurant, Don Stiernberg, 2008
info Slapback, Josh Pinkham and Jerry Thomasson, 2008
info The Atrocious Saint, Christopher Hedge, 2008
info Jefferson's Tree of Liberty, Jefferson Starship, 2008
info Tangled Tales, Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks, 2009
info Garden Of Joy, Maria Muldaur, 2009
info Some Assembly Required, Assembly Of Dust, 2009
no info Dolly, Dolly Parton, 2009
info Original Album Series, Linda Ronstadt, 2010
info Original Album Series, Tom Paxton, 2010
info Tell My Sister, Kate And Anna McGarrigle, 2011
info Keystone Companions: The Complete 1973 Fantasy Recordings, Merl Saunders / Jerry Garcia, 2012
info Live At Davies Symphony Hall, Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks with Special Guests, 2013
info The Reprise Recordings, John Sebastian, 2014
info On The Road: July 31, 2015, Gathering of the Vibes, String Cheese Incident, 2015

Guest contributions - various artist compilations

info Elektrifying, Various Artists, 1968
info Off, Various Artists, 1968
info Select Elektra, Various Artists, 1968
info Elekterriffic, Various Artists, 1968
info Elektras Best, Volume 1, Various Artists, 1969
info Garden Of Delights, Various Artists, 1971
info Sampler For Deadheads (#2 of 3), Old And In The Way / Keith and Donna, 1975
info Sampler For Deadheads (#3 of 3), Robert Hunter / Ned Lagin and Phil Lesh , 1975
info For Dead Heads, Various Artists, 1976 (US)
info For Deadheads, Various Artists, 1976 (UK only)
info Goodies, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 197?
info Bleecker & MacDougal: The Folk Scene Of The 60s, Various Artists, 1984
info Elektrock (The Sixties), Various Artists, 1985
info Mask (Soundtrack), Various Artists, 1985
info Rounder Guitar, Various Artists, 1987
info Rounder Old-Time Music, Various Artists, 1988
info Bluegrass Breakdown, Various Artists, 1992
info Troubadours Of The Folk Era, Volume Three: The Groups, Various Artists, 1992
info Son Of Rounder Banjo, Various Artists, 1992
info Putumayo Presents the Best of World, Vol. 2: Instrumental, Various Artists, 1993
info Nashville At Newport, Various Artists, 1995
info Hills of Home: 25 Years of Folk Music on Rounder Records, Various Artists, 1995
info Bosstown Sound, 1968: The Music & The Time, Various Artists, 1996
info Rounder Bluegrass Guitar, Various Artists, 1996
info Bluegrass Today The Hits, Various Artists, 1996
info Blue Ribbon Guitar, Various Artists, 1996
info 25 Years of Strictly Country, Various Artists, 1996
info Swingin' Jazz for Hipsters, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1997
info Bluegrass Breakdown, 14 Instrumentals, Various Artists, 1998
info A Walk On The Moon (Soundtrack), Various Artists, 1999
info Appalachian Stomp: More Bluegrass Classics, Various Artists, 1999
info Bluegrass Essentials, Vol. 2: True to Traditions, Various Artists, 1999
info Choice Picks, Various Artists, 2000
info Follow the Music, Various Artists, 2000
info Washington Square Memoirs: The Great Urban Folk Boom, 1950-1970, Various Artists, 2001
info Tennessee Mountain Home: 23 Bluegrass Gems, Various Artists (Muleskinner), 2002
info Singers & Songwriters: 1970-1974, Various Artists, 2001
info Classic Bluegrass From Smithsonian Folkways, Various Artists, 2002
info O Christmas Tree!: A Bluegrass Collection for the Holidays, Various Artists, 2002
info Classic Mountain Songs, Various Artists, 2002
info Taken (TV series soundtrack), Various Artists, 2003
info Can't You Hear Me Callin': Bluegrass: 80 Years of American Music, Various Artists, 2004
info Classic Southern Gospel from Smithsonian Folkways, Various Artists, 2005
info Classic Bluegrass From Smithsonian Folkways, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 2005
info Earth Charter: UNESCO For Young People: Special Edition, Various Artsist, 2006
info Amoeba Records 2006 Sampler, Various Artists, 2006
info Forever Changing: The Golden Age of Elektra 1963-1973, Various Artists, 2006
info Boston Sound 1968 - Revisited, Various Artists, 2006
info Mandolin Masters Collection: Volume 1, Various Artists, 2009
info Jazz Kaleidoscope, Various Artists, 2010
info The Music Never Stopped: Music From The Motion Picture, Various Artists, 2011
info A Taste Of Bear Family Records, Various Artists, 2012

With others - videos/DVDs

info Tony Rice: The Video Collection, Tony Rice, 1993?
info Doc Watson: Rare Performances, Doc Watson, 1994?
info Muleskinner Live: The Video, Muleskinner, 1994?

Albums that include a non-playing contribution from David Grisman

Note that albums listed in the sections above that include a non-playing contribution by David Grisman, in addition to a playing contribution, are not duplicated in this section.

Technical or literary contribution to albums

info bluegrass, Red Allen, Frank Wakefield and the Kentuckians, 1964
info Back To Back, Tiny Moore and Jethro Burns, 1979
info Mandolin Virtuoso, Dave Apollon, 1980
info Tea For One, Jethro Burns, 1982?
info Solo, Rob Wasserman, 1983
info The Duo, Darol Anger/Mike Marshall, 1983
info Duets, Rob Wasserman, 1988
info Mandolin Magic, Evan Marshall, 1990
info Jacob Do Bandolin, Mandolin Master Of Brazil, Jacob Do Bandolin, 1991
info Galactic Mandolin, Radim Zenkl, 1992
info The Guitar Artistry Of Enrique Coria, Solos From South America, Enrique Coria, 1992
info Live Recordings 1956-1969, Bill Monroe, 1993
info Live Duet Recordings: 1963-1980, Off The Record, Vol. 2, Bill Monroe & Doc Watson, 1993
info The Kitchen Tapes, Frank Wakefield and Red Allen, 1994
info Czech It Out, Radim Zenkl, 1994
info Mandolin Master of Brazil Volume 2, Jacob do Bandolim, 1994
info Swing Low, Sweet Mandolin, Jethro Burns, 1995
info River Suite for 2 Guitars, Tony Rice & John Carlini, 1995
info Cold Hard Facts, The Del McCoury Band, 1996
info The Latin Touch, Enrique Coria, 1997
info Bye Bye Blues, Jethro Burns, 1997
info The Man With The Mandolin, Dave Apollon, 1997
info Swing Guitar Masterpieces: 1937-1957, Oscar Aleman, 1998
info Flute Jazz, Matt Eakle, 1998
info Buh-Doom!, Hal Blaine, 1998
info Going Up the Mountain: The Classic First Recordings, Jody Stecher, 1999
info 33 Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals, Clarence White, 2000
info The Folkways Years, 1964-1983, Red Allen, 2001
info Blues For A Gypsy, Frank Vignola, 2001
info Intimo, Yolanda Aranda & Enrique Coria, 2002
info Don't Get Around Much Anymore, George Barnes Quartet, 2003
info Riders In The Sky: Silver Jubilee, Riders In The Sky, 2003
info Livin' With the Blues, Vassar Clements, 2004
info Trilogy, Rob Wasserman, 2004
info Live At Mechanics Hall, Bill Monroe & The Blue Grass Boys, 2004
info Stomp, Mike Compton & David Long, 2006
info I've Always Been a Rambler, Nate Leath, 2006
info Mandolin Masters Collection: Volume 1, Various Artists, 2009

Releases that include compositions or some other refence to David Grisman

Compositions on albums: major albums

info 14 Bluegrass Instrumentals, Country Cooking, 1971
info South Loomis Quickstep, South Loomis Quickstep, 1979
info Acoustic Steel, Dan Huckabee, 1980
info Bluegrass Southern Style, Rosewater Mountain, 1980
info Still Inside, Tony Rice Unit, 1981
info Tucker'd Out, James "Tuck" Tucker, 1981
info Too Long Without You, Katy's Mill, 1983
info Santa Ana Winds, Steve Goodman, 1984
info Devlin, Tony Rice Unit, 1987
info Molly On The Shore, Richard Greene & The Greene String Quartet, 1988
info Bellinzona, No Strings Attached, 1996
info On The Move, Jason Carter, 1997
info Philibuster, Phil Leadbetter, 1997
info Saguaro Woods, Acoustic Drive, 1997
info Gypsy, Martin Taylor's Spirit of Django, 1998
info Heartbreak Hill, Heartbreak Hill, 1998
info 26 Bluegrass Instrumentals, Country Cooking, 199?
info Synergy, The Noble Jones Project, 199?
info Mandolin, Andy Statman, 199?
info Bluegrass Mandolin and Other Trouble, Red Henry, 2000
info Dawg Tales, Various Artists, 2001
info Only Time Knows, Bearfoot Bluegrass, 2002
info On The Road: July 6, 2002 Morrison, String Cheese Incident, 2002
info His Master's Cop, Cop, 2002
info Bach>Beatles>Bluegrass, Nashville Mandolin Ensemble, 2003
info On The Road: April 20, 2003, Live Oak, FL, String Cheese Incident, 2004
info On The Road: December 31, 2003, Chicago, IL, String Cheese Incident, 2004
info On The Road: March 30, 2004, London, UK, String Cheese Incident, 2004
info Gypsy Journey, Martin Taylor, 2005
info The Ultimate Pickin' On Jam Session ,Various Artists, 2005
info On The Road: April 2, 2005, Park City, UT, String Cheese Incident, 2005
info On The Road: Travelogue Spring 2005, String Cheese Incident, 2005
info On The Road: August 6, 2006, Eugene, OR, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info On The Road: October 10, 2006, Knoxville, TN, String Cheese Incident, 2006
info Satin Rose, South Loomis Quickstep, 200? (bonus track on CD release)
info The Road to Agate Hill: Music from Southwest Virginia and Beyond, Alice, Gail & Sharon, 2007
info Whirled Chamber Music, Quartet San Francisco, 2007
info On The Road: July 14, 2007, New York, NY, String Cheese Incident, 2007
info Is It True?, The Dwyers, 2008
info Thirteen Hours, Mike Mitchell, 2008
info Let It All Be Good, Moon Mountain Ramblers, 2009
info These Days, Alex Riffle & The Stiff-Riffs, 2013
info November 30, 2013, Stroudsburg, PA, Railroad Earth, 2013

Thanked in liner notes or some other reference

info Skaggs & Rice, Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice, 1980
info Crazy People, The Rowan Brothers, 2003
info Tuxedo Blues: String Swing & Jazz, Dix Bruce, ???? (includes song named for Grisman)

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