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The Great American Music Band and The Great American String Band *

The Great American Music Band (* see footnote on group name) started at a show at the Great American Music Hall with David Grisman, Richard Greene and Vassar Clements probably in early 1974. From that point onward Grisman and Greene performed a number of times using the name playing primarily instrumental music and providing a vehicle for David Grisman's compositions. Initially the group line-up, with the exception of Grisman and Greene, depended on who was available for any given show. During this period Jerry Garcia played with the group for a number of shows between April and June 1974. David Nichtern, Taj Mahal and Buell Neidlinger also played with the group during these months.

After a few months Grisman and Greene decided to continue the group and develop the instrumental concept with regular sidemen. The first settled line-up was Grisman and Greene plus guitarists John Carlini and Ellen Kearney, and bassist Joe Carroll. Richard Greene left the group around the end of 1974 and a second line-up emerged with Grisman and Joe Carroll plus the second mandolin of Todd Phillips and fiddler Darol Anger. In 1975, with the addition of Tony Rice, this group became the first David Grisman Quintet.

Song played by the Great American Music Band w/ Jerry Garcia

Six Great American Music Band shows have been identified that feature a contribution from Jerry Garcia. The songs known to have been performed when Garcia played with the band are listed below.

info Billy In The Low Ground
info Bud's Bounce
info Cedar Hill
info Colored Aristocracy
info Dawg's Bull
info Dawg's Rag
info Drink Up And Go Home
info I'll Be A Gambler
info Limehouse Blues
info Methodist Preacher
info Midnight At The Oasis
info Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
info Plastic Banana
info Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
info Russian Lullaby
no info Sheik of Araby
info Sweet Georgia Brown
info Swing '42
info Virgin's Lament
info Will The Circle Be Unbroken

* Note: Both group names, Great American Music Band and Great American String Band, are used for this group. I don't know if these were two different bands, one following the other; or two names used to describe the same band or one correct name and one incorrect name. In interviews David Grisman refers to the band as the Great American Music Band. This name will be used here.

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