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Hi-Def Folk (Hi-Def Master)

Various Artists

Original release : 2012

Acoustic Disc ACD-AO-50030

A download only compilation of tracks released on Acoustic Disc CDs. Includes one Garcia / Grisman track.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Been All Around This World - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
  • Farmland Blues - John Cohen
  • The Old Home Place - Taylor, Grisman Jazz Quartet
  • Frankie and Johnny - Doc Watson & David Grisman
  • Santa Morena - Jacob Do Bandolim
  • Phonograph Blues - Vassar Clements & Roy Rogers
  • Quiero Ser Tun Sombra - Yolanda Aranda & Enrique Coria
  • Lorena - David Grisman's Folk Jazz Trio
  • Mississippi Bound - Mike Compton & David Long
  • Angeline The Baker - Josh Pinkham & Sam Grisman
  • When You And I Were Young Maggie - Mac Wiseman & David Grisman
  • John Henry - Del McCoury & David Grisman
  • Ani Ma'amin - Andy Statman & David Grisman
  • Farther Along - Bryan Bowers & David Grisman
Related releases

The tracks are from the following albums.

Been All Around This World:

Farmland Blues: The Old Home Place:
  • Retrograss, David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger, 1999
Frankie and Johnny: Santa Morena: Phonograph Blues: Quiero Ser Tun Sombra:
  • Intimo, Yolanda Aranda & Enrique Coria, 2002
Lorena: Mississippi Bound:
  • Stomp, Mike Compton & David Long, 2006
Angeline The Baker:
  • Slapback, Josh Pinkham and Jerry Thomasson, 2008
When You And I Were Young Maggie: John Henry: Ani Ma'amin: Farther Along:
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