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Hi-Def Dawg (Hi-Def Master)

David Grisman / Various Artists

Initial release : 2012

Acoustic Disc ACD AO 500036

A compilation of tracks from Acoustic Disc releases plus two previously unreleased tracks. All tracks remastered in HD. Includes one Garcia / Grisman track.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Bow Wow - David Grisman Quintet
  • Dawganova - David Grisman Quintet
  • Dawg Funk - David Grisman & Denny Zeitlin
  • Gypsy Swing - Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman
  • Tracy's Tune - David Grisman Quintet
  • Dawg's Waltz - John Sebastian & David Grisman
  • Swang Thang - David Grisman FolkJazz Trio
  • Steppin' With Stephane - David Grisman Quintet
  • Doc & Dawg - Doc Watson & David Grisman
  • Learned Pigs - David Grisman Quintet
  • Dawg After Dark - Tony Rice & David Grisman
  • Pigeon Roost - Bluegrass Reunion Band
  • Arabia - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
  • Argentine Trio - Enrique Coria & David Grisman

  • Producer - David Grisman
  • Executive producer - Craig Miller
  • Cover art - Tracy Bigelow Grisman
  • Design - Dave "FM" Moretti
Related releases

The original source of the songs is given below. Some tracks may be from subsequent HD remastered albums.

Bow Wow was originally on:

Dawganova was originally on: Dawg Funk was originally on:
  • New River, David Grisman and Denny Zeitlin, 2001
Gypsy Swing is a previously unreleased recording.

Tracy's Tune is a previously unreleased recording.

Dawg's Waltz was originally on:

  • Satisfied, John Sebastian and David Grisman, 2007
Swang Thang was originally on: Uncertain of the source of Steppin' With Stephane.

Doc & Dawg was originally on:

Learned Pigs was originally on: Dawg After Dark was originally on: Pigeon Roost was originally on:
  • Bluegrass Reunion, Red Allen, David Grisman, Herb Petersen, Jim Buchanan and Jim Kerwin, 1992
Arabia (Alternate) was originally on: Argentine Trio was originally on:
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