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The Flying Circus

The Flying Circus got together in San Anselmo in the Summer of 1966. The original line-up of the group was Bill Berry (vocals), Kevin Haapala (guitar), Jim Grandjean (guitar), John Haapala (bass) and Don Perkins (drums). In the fall of 1966 the group won Battle of the Bands competition which resulted in them getting a recording contract with Golden State Recorders. They recorded tracks for a single which was released at the end of the year. A second single was released in 1967.

The group continued to perform through 1968 and 1969 but did not release any recordings. Group member came and went during this period. By the middle of 1969 the line-up was probably Andre Pessis (vocals), Bob McFee (guitar), Bill Hybert (guitar), John Haapala (bass) and Steve Bonuccelli (drums). This line-up played many local shows including regular appearances at the Muir Beach Tavern. They released a single in 1970.

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album cover

The Flying Circus singles

no info I'm Going / Midnight Highway, Flying Circus, 1966, MTA 117
no info Green Eyes, Green World / Got To Learn To Love, Flying Circus, 1967, MTA 130
no info Pony Rider / Betty June, Flying Circus, 1970, Rock Bottom WRS 670

Various artists compilations that include Flying Circus tracks

info Crystalize Your Mind, Various Artists, 1994

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