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Gotham City Crime Fighters Discography

The Gotham City Crime Fighters were formed in Fremont in 1965. They had previously been Extension Five but changed their name, and started wearing batman costumes on stage, to take advantage of the current Batman craze. The group line-up was Emilio Castillo (saxophone, organ), Dave Getner (vocals), Jody Lopez (guitar), Frank "Rocco" Houghton (bass) and Jack Castillo (drums). The group primarily played R&B and soul covers. They released one single, Who Stole The Batmobile (on the Batwing label) in 1966. Before long the group had ditched the costumes and changed their name to The Motowns. Some of the group were then founder members of Tower of Power.

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Gotham City Crime Fighters singles

no info Who Stole The Batmobile / That's Life, Gotham City Crime Fighters, 1966, Batwing

Various artists compilations with Gotham City Crime Fighters tracks

info You Got Yours! East Bay Garage 1965-1967, Various Artists, 2007

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