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Heart Of Gold Band / Ghosts

After Donna Jean Godchaux and Keith Godchaux left the Grateful Dead in 1979 they formed a band with Greg Anton which was initially called The Ghosts. The initial line-up was;

  • Greg Anton - drums
  • Keith Godchaux - keyboards
  • Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
  • Greta Rose - vocals
  • Billy Travis - vocals
  • Bill Middlejohn - guitar
  • Larry Klein - bass
The group reformed without Billy Travis early in 1980 as the Heart Of Gold Band. Steve Kimock, guitar, and Dexter LeBlanc, bass, replaced Middlejohn and Klein in the early months of the year. Keith Godchaux died in a car accident in July 1980. The group reorganised, bringing in Mark Adler on keyboards and David Mackay on bass, and continued to tour until folding in early 1981.

The Heart Of Gold Band name was resurrected in 2004, for the group organised by Donna Jean Godchaux Mackay and David Mackay, after they decided to ask Greg Anton to join as drummer. The musicians involved in this group have been;

  • Donna Jean Godchaux-Mackay - vocals
  • Zion Rock Godchaux - guitar, saxophone, drums, vocals
  • David Mackay - bass, keyboards
  • Brian Godchaux - mandolin, violin, vocals
  • Kinsman Mackay - guitar, vocals
  • Russ Randolph - drums, percussion
  • Greg Anton - drums
  • Mark Adler - keyboards

Heart of Gold Band discography

info The Ghosts Playing In The Heart Of Gold Band, The Ghosts, 1984
info Heart Of Gold Band, Heart Of Gold Band, 1986
info Double Dose, Heart Of Gold Band, 1989
info Relix Best Of The Blues Vol 3, Various Artists, 1997
info Heart Of Gold Band, Heart Of Gold Band, 1998
info At The Table, The Heart Of Gold Band, 2004

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