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John Perry Barlow Compositions

This page lists songs with lyrics by John Perry Barlow.

John Perry Barlow started writing lyrics for Bob Weir songs in the early 1970's and their writing partnership continued into the post-Grateful Dead years. Barlow also collaborated with Brent Mydland and Vince Welnick of the Grateful Dead and with members of String Cheese Incident and Mr Blotto.

The columns to the left indicate broadly who has performed or recorded the song. For this list "Bob Weir groups" includes Bob Weir led groups such as Ratdog and Bobby & The Midnites and post Grateful Dead groups that included Bob Weir such as Furthur, The Dead and Dead & Company.

For detailed information about a particular song select the 'info' button for that song.

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Performed or recorded by:

Bob Weir groups

Grateful Dead

info Almost Anywhere - -Yes
info Black Throated WindYesYesYes
info Blow Away -YesYes
info Bombs AwayYes - -
info CassidyYesYesYes
info Clampdown World - -Yes
info The Devil I Know - - -
info Drive - - -
info The DwarfYes - -
info Easy To Love You -Yes -
info Estimated ProphetYesYesYes
info FallingYes - -
info Feel Like A StrangerYesYesYes
info Gentlemen, Start Your Engines -Yes -
info Give Me The Love - - -
info Gloria MondayYes - -
info Heaven Help The FoolYesYesYes
info Hell In A BucketYesYesYes
info Home To DixieYes - -
info I Need A MiracleYesYesYes
info (I Want To) Fly AwayYes - -
info I Want To Live In AmericaYes - -
info I Will Take You Home -YesYes
info It Doesn't Matter -Yes -
info It Is What It Is - -Yes
info Jah LaughsYes - -
info Just A Little LightYesYesYes
info Just Passing Through - -Yes
info Lazy Lightnin'YesYesYes
info Let It GrowYesYesYes
info Looks Like RainYesYesYes
info Lost SailorYesYesYes
info Love Doesn't Have To Be Pretty - -Yes
info Lucky EnoughYes - -
info Me, Without YouYes - -
info Mexicali BluesYesYesYes
info Mind Left Body Jam -Yes -
info Money Money -Yes -
info The Music Never StoppedYesYesYes
info My Brother EsauYesYes -
info One By Night - - -
info Picasso MoonYesYes -
info Rosalie - -Yes
info Saint Of CircumstanceYesYesYes
info Salt Lake CityYesYes -
info Shade Of GreyYes - -
info SupplicationYesYesYes
info These Waves - -Yes
info This Time ForeverYes - -
info Throwing StonesYesYesYes
info Tinder Box - -Yes
info Triolet - -Yes
info Waiting For The Song To Come - - -
info Walk In The SunshineYes -Yes
info We Can Run -YesYes
info Welcome To The WorldYes - -
info Wrong Way Feelin'Yes - -
info You're Still There - - -

Last updated June 2019