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North California Groups : G

The information on the North California Groups pages was compiled by Gray Newell based on research by: Alec Palao, Corry Arnold, Ben Chaput, Joey Dryfka, Mike Dugo, Ross Hannan, Vernon Joynson, Gray Newell, Stephane Rebeschini, Obert Sonsten, Jason Sweitzer Bruce Tahsler and Max Waller.

These pages were originally made available on the North California Groups website which, unfortunately, no longer exists. The pages are provided here as an archive of that site and are currently being updated at irregular intervals.

The information is presented alphabetically by group name:

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No information is available for this group at the present time.


Gale Garnet - vocals
Tony Hill - guitar, percussion, noise
Bruce Horiuchi - organ, piano
Paul Robinson - percussion
Dick Rosmini - guitar
Rob Fisher - synthesizer, keyboards

1968 An Audience With The King Of Wands Columbia 9625
1969 Sausalito Heliport Columbia 9760

Gale Garnet was originally from Auckland New Zealand, but emigrated to Canada with her family when she was 11 years old. She started her singing career in 1964 with the top 5 hit We'll Sing In The Sunshine and subsequently issued several albums as a solo artist for RCA Victor. With backing from The Gentle Reign she made two interesting hippie rock albums for Columbia before concentrating on her acting career and journalism.


45 Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It/All Your Love - Esar 155/6 1967

From Davis, the A side of the 45 is on Big Beat's Sound Of Young Sacramento CD.


Craig Whitby
Tom Perry - bass
Rod Beckwith - drums
Clark Warner - guitar
Pat Lopez
Danny Hart - bass

From Sacramento, the Gear One formed in 1965, supporting the Rolling Stones when they played California's capitol city. They cut an early 45 for Autumn which was canned after the group fell out with the label owners. The unreleased 45 sides can be heard on the Big Beat compilation CD Dance With Me. In November 1965 they cut some demos for Diplomacy Records but the label didn't sign them, these recordings can now be enjoyed on the Frantic Records CD So Cold!!!


Dann Herron - vocals and drums
Lydia Pense - vocals
Craig Parker - organ & piano
Gregg Elberg - trumpet & 12 string guitar
Dick Sidman - drums
Larry Fields - lead guitar
Rod Ellicot - bass
Gregg Thompson - alto sax
John Glazier - tenor sax

A nine-piece "big band" outfit, Pense, Ellicot and Fields later went on to form Cold Blood. Sidman, Glazier and Parker were also in the Electric Company.


Appeared at the Aquarian Family Festival, Santa Clara Showgrounds San Jose 1969 and at The Rock Jam Sonoma Fairgrounds 19th April 1969.


Performed at the Mime Troupe Benefit Appeal II For Continued Artistic Freedom In The Arts at the Fillmore Auditorium 12/10/65. The Great Blondin Show Fillmore Auditorium 03/11/1966 with Great Society, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Mystery Trend, Family Tree and Third Rail. Batman Dance and Film Festival 03/18/1966 Fillmore Auditorium with The Mystery Trend Big Brother and the Holding Company, Family Tree, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Great Society and The Skins.


Played Karma Productions and Brotherhood Of The Spirit Presents Big Brother & The Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Monterey Fairgrounds Dance Hall 2/3 July 1966.


Brian Godula - Bass
Bob Qouivect - Guitar
Mike Shrieve - Drums
Dave Wilke - Guitar

End Of The Line/Troubled Mind - Revolve 208 - 1968

Just the one 45 by this group which was formed in 1967. Michael Shrieve went on to drum for Santana. Brian Godula joined Together.

This is pretty much correct information although I believe that there was another group in the US called "Glass Menagerie" during that same time period who had more success than we did. Our group never performed outside of the SF bay area peninsula. We did perform as an opening act for some of the great up and coming groups of the day including "The Quick Silver Messenger Service" "The Grateful Dead", "Jefferson Airplane" and others. We did a demo recording at Coast Recording studios in SF but I do not recall the recording ever being distributed so it is very possible that the 45 the you make reference to is from the other "Glass Menagerie", I just can't remember.

Brian Godula


Appeared at the Aquarian Family Festival, Santa Clara Showgrounds San Jose 1969.


No information is available for this group at the present time.


Line up included 11 year old Jeff Cregg, no further information available at present time.


Joseph Bajza - guitar
Richard Coco - vocals
Edward Scott - guitar
Louie Goursav - drums
Joe Moncada - bass

45 Summer Time / No Parking Golden State 501 1969
LP No Parking Rockadelic RRLP 20 1995

Starting out as The Lost Cause in 1967 then becoming Golden State before eventually settling for Gold, their sole 45 was produced by Country Joe MacDonald at Golden State. They split in 1973, after material for an album was recorded but not released but has since seen the light of day on the Rockadelic label. There has been talk of a live recording from 1970 being made available on the Worldinsound label. Recently some of the original line up has got back together for some live dates.

GOLDEN TOAD (aka The Raggle Taggle Gypsies)

A folk outfit comprising Ernie Fischbach and Deborah Fischbach, previously with Acid Symphony, along with Don Brown, Bob Thomas and Will Spires. They were a part of the Colby Street scene along with Dr. Humbead's Tranquillity String Band and Medicine Show.


John Fogerty - vocals, guitar
Tom Fogerty - vocals, guitar
Stu Cook - bass
Doug Clfford - drums

1965 Don't Tell Me No Lies/Little Girl - Fantasy 590 45
1965 Where You Been/ You Came Walking - Fantasy 597 45
1965 You Can't Be True/You Got Nothing On Me Fantasy 599 45
1966 Brown Eyed Girl/You Better Be Careful - Scorpio 404 45
1966 Fight Fire/Fragile Girl - Scorpio 405 45
1967 Walking On Water/You Better Get It - Scorpio 408 45
1967 Porterville/Call It Pretending - Scorpio 412 45

1975 The Golliwogs - Pre Creedence - Fantasy 9474 LP

From El Cerito, after signing to the Fantasy label in 1964 the record company changed the groups name from Tommy And The Blue Velvets to The Golliwogs. A succession of R&B/British Invasion influenced singles were released over the next two years, both on Fantasy and it's subsidiary label Scorpio, touring Northern California to promote them. Towards the end of 1967 they became Creedence Clearwater Revival and went on to become one of the most popular American rock bands of the late sixties. subsequently the Porterville / Call It Pretending single was repackaged by Fantasy as the first Creedence Clearwater Revival single. The Golliwog 45's were later issued as the Pre Creedence LP in 1975.


Dave Blunt - Organ
Brad Butler - Vocals
Bruce Butler - Lead Guitar, Bass
Kenny Colvine - Guitar, Bass
Robert Taylor - Drums

Based in South Sacramento, all the band members attended Elk Grove High School. They recorded an acetate at Bill Rase Recording Studios Aristocrat/Passionate Love which are on the Big Beat CD Sound Of Young Sacramento.


Pat Kincade - Guitar, Vocals
Dulin Lancaster - Drums
J.D. Lobue - Keyboards, Vocals
Leland Russell - Bass, Vocals
Jim Weatherly - Guitar, Vocals

1968 Tones Verve V6-5062 LP

Formed in the University of Mississippi, this soft rock harmony group relocated to San Francisco. They accompanied Nancy Sinatra on a USO tour of Vietnam and then recorded their only album in 1968. Jim Weatherley went on to become a country singer and songwriter in the 1970's.


Joe Brackett - lead guitar
Butch Marion - drums, vocals
Ken Boris - lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Ed Finley - vocals, second lead and rhythm guitar
Larry Schaffer - vocals, bass

Even though they had spent time in the studio, the group never published a recording. While playing at the Ark in Sausalito, they caught the attention of Jim Haney (right hand of Bill Graham at the time.) Bill Graham called the group in for a private audition at the Fillmore, and decide to promote them with bookings around the city. Both Haney and Graham said that Butch Marion was one of the best rock drummers they had ever heard. Gossimer Kyte had built up a small following and actually started to look as if they were on the golden road. However inner turmoil plagued the group after the first couple of years, and eventually caused the group to disband. Thanks to Joe Brackett.


Who Stole The Batmobile / That's Life (Batwing 1001) Mar 1966
An early incarnation of the funk horn group Tower Of Power, issued one 45 under this name.


Greensleeves / Where Love Goes WLR 1967 MTA 122 (U4KM-1253/4)


An R&B outfit, they appeared at the Marina Green Jazz Action Movement (JAM) Benefit 14/07/1968 with Quicksilver Messenger Service/ElectricFlag/The Youngbloods/ John Handy Quintet/Monty Waters/Free Spirits.


Played The Continental Ballroom on 4/5 August 1967 with Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Congress Of Wonders. They may have released a 45.



Jerry ("Captain Trips") Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan - keyboards, vocals
Bill Kreutzman - drums
Mickey Hart - percussion
Tom Constanten - keyboards

1967 The Grateful Dead Warner Bros WS 1689 LP
1968 Anthem Of The Sun Warner Bros WS 1749 LP
1969 Aoxomoxoa Warner Bros WS 1790 LP
1970 Live/Dead Warner Bros. 2WS-1830

Probably the best known of all the S F bands of the sixties, the Grateful Dead had a career that spanned over three decades, only really ending with the death of Jerry Garcia in 1995. Out of the early blue grass and jug band origins of outfits like The Hart Valley Boys and Mother Macrees Uptown Jug Champions the group evolved into the electric blues Asphalt Jungle and then The Warlocks. It was just a short while before they became involved with Ken Kesey's Acid Tests and their final metamorphosis as The Grateful Dead. After recording a 45 for Scorpio in 1966 they were signed up to Warner Bros and issued their debut album in 1967. subsequent recordings became increasingly lysergic, culminating with the double album Live/Dead in 1970. They modified their sound in the 70's and eighties and became a formidable live attraction with their huge army of "Dead Head" followers. They have a substantial back catalogue of studio and live recordings, which seem to be never ending, "new" releases appearing on a regular basis.



Louie Shriner - lead guitar
Steve Kuppinger - bass
Gary Prather - rhythm guitar
Dave Templeton - drums

Marble Orchard/Graveyard Five Theme, Stanco SR102, 1968

From Clear Lake, the Graveyard Five were an extremely popular and hard gigging North valley garage band. Appropriate to their name and image, a fith member of the band was a coffin that often shared the stage with them and utilised as a macabre prop. They recorded a follow up 45 titled Stay Away From My Grave, but Lou Shriner experienced some mental health issues, exacerbated by LSD use, which resulted in him tossing the master tapes into a Florida swamp. Marble Orchard and Graveyard Five Theme can be heard on the 2009 Frantic Records CD Up From The Grave.


From Portland Oregon, played the Fillmore Auditorium 28/10/66 with Captain Beefheart and the Chocolate Watchband.


Darby Slick - guitar
Jerry Slick - drums
Grace Slick - vocals, piano, recorder
David Miner - vocals, guitar
Bard Dupont - bass
Peter Van der Gelder

1965 Someone To Love/Free Advice North Beach 1001 45

1968 Conspicuous Only In It's Absence Columbia CS-9624 LP
1968 How It Was Columbia CS-9702 LP

One of the first generation SF scene groups, The Great Society were formed in 1965 by brothers Jerry & Darby Slick and Jerry's wife Grace, along with Bard Dupont and David Miner. Playing a unique blend of blues, dark folk and their own interpretation of Indian classical music, enhanced by Grace Slick's distinctive voice, they became one of the major live attractions on the early SF scene.

After coming to the attention of Tom Donahue when they played an audition at his Mothers nightclub, he had them record some demo's for Autumn Records in October 1965 and eventually the sole Great Society 45 was released on the Autumn subsidiary North Beach in March 1966.

Around this time Bard Dupont left to form DemonLover and was replaced on bass by Peter Van der Gelder who broadened the groups influences with his taste for avant garde jazz and the band set to rehearsing and honing their licks. Through the summer of '66 they gradually built up their reputation with appearances at the Avalon and Fillmore ballrooms. Around this time they were recorded at the Matrix Club and these would eventually see release as the two Columbia albums.

Towards the end of the summer things started to change, David Miner had left the group, Jerry and Grace had been estranged for some time already and Darby wanted to go to India to explore his interest in eastern music. On the verge of signing to Columbia in September the group split when Grace left to replace Signe Anderson in The Jefferson Airplane, taking with her two songs that would become major hits for the Airplane, White Rabbit and Someone To Love, the latter
changed to Somebody To Love. Jerry went on to join The Final Solution, while Darby decamped to India for a few months, returning to join up with The Yellow Brick Road/Hair, and later to work as a producer with Jeanie Piersol. Although only together a little over a year The Great Society were a very influential act on the San Franciscan underground music scene.


No information is available for this group at the present time.


Richard Sussman - piano
Anna Rizzo - vocals, lead finger
Vic Smith - lead guitar, bottleneck guitar, vocals
Dewey DaGreaze - drums, vocals
Kelly Bryan - bass
Slim Chance - rhythm guitar, vocals

1971 Grootna Columbia 31033

Formed in the summer of 1971 in Berkeley, their sole album was produced by Marty Balin. Richard Sussman, Vic Smith and Greg Dewey (DaGreaze) had all played previously with Country Joe, Greg Dewey had also been the drummer in Mad River. Anna Rizzo provided vocals for a number of acts including Sky Blue, Mike Bloomfield and Kingfish. The band broke up in 1972.


Played Cabrillo College stadium 9-2-67.


Mike Chan
Jim Thacker
Norman Schwartz
Steve Comins
Kevin Penny
From Richmond.


Dave Damrell - bass
Roger Hille - guitar
Jim King - vocals
Jack May - guitar
Paul Ware - drums
Danny Mihm - drums
Dickie Peterson - guitar
Jerre Peterson - bass

1965 Mini-Bike 4-2/Boots - Scorpio 401 (as The Spokes)
1965 Stop Calling Me/She's Gone - Scorpio 402
1966 I Know Your Name Girl/I Never Really Knew - Scorpio 406

From Davis, they cut the novelty 45 Mini-Bike 4-2 under the name The Spokes with the line up Dave Damrell, Roger Hille, Jim King, Jack May and Paul Ware, before their first release as Group "B" although Paul Ware had left by then. In early '66 Dave Damrell left, later to turn up in Kak, at which point Dickie and Jerre Peterson joined. The Peterson brothers contributed the b side to the next 45 late in 1966, although Dickie was fired shortly afterwards. After the second 45 did nothing Group "B" became Andrew Staples and added Danny Mihm to the line up but split completely in mid 1967. Danny Mihm went on to drum with The Flamin' Groovies, Dickie Peterson later formed Blue Cheer.


Martin Taylor - vocals
Steve Cooley - rhythm guitar
Fred Campbell - lead guitar
John Campbell - bass
Loren Fauchier - drums

Gunge, Feel It!, Frantic Records 9393, 2009

From Chico, and formed in 1967, this heavy rock band lived up to their name, creating a heavier sound than even Blue Cheer could produce at the time. A 1968 live performance captured at Chico State was issued on Frantic Records in 2009, showing the band in their "warts and all" glory. Fred campbell would go on to play with Kingfish and the New Riders of the Purple sage.


Played The Fillmore West 08/06/68 with The Chamber Brothers, The Charlatans, Eric Burdon & The Animals and Blood, Sweat & Tears.

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