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Reconstruction were formed in early 1979 by John Kahn. It's possible that initially the intention was not to include Jerry Garcia in the group. However by the time they started to perform in January 1979 Garcia was a group member and this limited the group to performing when the Grateful Dead were off the road. The group played just over 50 shows during 1979, all on the West Coast.

The group line-up was; Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals), Merl Saunders (keyboards, vocals), John Kahn (bass), Ed Neumeister (trombone), Ron Stallings (tenor saxophone, vocals) and Gaylord Birch (drums). Other musicians may have sat in with the group toward the end of 1979.

One Reconstruction track is included on:

info The Very Best Of Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia, 2006

Arrangements for two songs from the Reconstruction repertoire are included in:

info Jerry Garcia Songbook, 2002

Reconstruction: songs played

The following songs are known to have been performed by Reconstruction.

no info Ain't That Lovin' You
info Another Star
info Dear Prudence
info Do I Move You
info Don't It Make It Better
info Fast Tone
info The Harder They Come
info The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
info I Just Wanna Stop
info I'll Take A Melody
info It Ain't No Use (aka It's No Use)
info The Jealous Kind
info Let's Go Get Stoned
info Linda Chicana
info Long Train Runnin'
info Lovely Night For Dancing
info Lyinda (see Linda Chicana)
info The Mohican And The Great Spirit
no info Nessa
info Sama Layuca
info Someday Baby
info Soul Roach
no info Space
info Struggling Man
info Tellin' My Friends
info That's What Love Will Make You Do
info Welcome To The Basement
info What You Won't Do For Love

A number of songs and instrumentals on circulating Reconstruction tapes have not been identified. It is likely that other songs were performed at Reconstruction shows for which there are no circulating tapes.

Last updated Oct 2007