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Redwing Discography

Redwing were formed in 1969 when the earlier group Glad changed their name. The initial line-up of the group was Ron Floegel, Tom Phillips, George Hullin and Andy Samuels. The majority of the group originated in Sacramento. Redwing released 5 LPs between 1971 and 1975. They split up shortly after the release of the fifth album.

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Redwing albums

info Redwing, Redwing, 1971
infoWhat This Country Needs..., Redwing, 1972
info Take Me Home, Redwing, 1973
info Dead Or Alive, Redwing, 1974
info Beyond the Sun and Stars, Redwing, 1975

Redwing singles

no info Bonnie Bones / I'm Your Lover Man, Redwing, 1971, Fantasy
no info California Blues / Dark Thursday, Redwing, 1971, Fantasy
no info Reaching Out / Soul Theft, Redwing, 1972, Fantasy
no info Foxfire / Early Mornin' Sunrise, Redwing, 1974, Fantasy
no info Beyond The Sun And Stars / Hollywood Bump, Redwing, 1975, Fantasy

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