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Glad Discography

Glad were formed in 1968 when the earlier Sacramento group New Breed changed their name. The line-up of the group was Tim Schmit, Ron Floegel, Tom Phillips, and George Hullin. The group released an album in 1969. Tim Schmit left the group in 1969 to join Poco. Andy Samuels joined the remaining members of the band and the group changed name again to Redwing.

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Glad albums

info Feelin' Glad, Glad, 1969

Glad singles

no info See What You Mean / Bedtime Story, Glad, 1968, Equinox
no info A New Tomorrow / Pickin' Up the Pieces, Glad, 1968, Equinox
no info No Ma, It Can't Be / Let's Play Make Believe, Glad, 1968, ABC
no info Johnny's Silver Ride / Love Needs the World, Glad, 1969, ABC

Glad on various artist compilations

info Songs Of Faith And Inspiration, Various Artists, 1998

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