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Stoneground Discography

Stoneground were formed in the late 1960's. They signed for Warner Brothers in 1969 and recorded an album which was not released. They toured with the Warner Brothers Medicine Ball Caravan in the US, Canada and UK in 1970 and 1971. Their first released album appeared in 1971. Second and third albums followed in 1971 and 1972. The group then split. Tim Barnes reformed the group in 1973 and they performed and recorded intermittently through the 1970's and early 1980's.

Tim Barnes reformed the group with a new line-up in 2003. For further information about the newly reformed group see the Stoneground web site.

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Stoneground albums

info Stoneground, Stoneground, 1971
info Family Album, Stoneground, 1971
info Stoneground 3, Stoneground, 1972
info Flat Out, Stoneground, 1976
info Hearts Of Stone, Stoneground, 1978
info Play It Loud: Live Audience Series, Stoneground, 1980
info Bad Machines and Limousines, Stoneground, 1982
info Last Dance, Live January 6, 1973, Stoneground, 2001
info Back With A Vengeance, Stoneground, 2004

Stoneground singles

no info Queen Sweet Dreams / Total Destruction, Stoneground, 1971, Warner Bros 7452
no info Looking For You / Added Attraction (Come And See Me), Stoneground, 1971, Warner Bros 7496
no info You Must Be One Of Us / Corrina, Corrina, Stoneground, 1971, Warner Bros 7535
no info Passion Flower / Super Clown, Stoneground, 1972, Warner Bros 7546

Various artist compilations that include Stoneground music

info Medicine Ball Caravan, Various Artists, 1971
info Together, Various Artists, 1971
info The Warner Reprise Radio Show II, Various Artists, 1971
info Fillmore : The Last Days, Various Artists, 1972
info Warner/Reprise Display Case, Vol. 10, Various Artists (Gravenites/Bloomfield), 1973
info Dracula A.D. 1972 Soundtrack (Bonus track edition), Various Artists, 2009
info KSAN's Live Jive, Various Artists, 2012

album cover

album cover

album cover

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