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The Strawberry Window Discography

The Strawberry Window were an Oakland band who recorded at lest one session in 1967 at Golden State Recorders in San Francisco. The group line-up was Marc Rich (guitar, vocals), Jack Eskridge (guitar, vocals), Steve Wilson (bass, vocals), Andy Kennedy (drums, vocals) and Dan Parrish (guitar, vocals), Strawberry Window did not release any material at the time though an LP of archive material has been released and two tracks have been included on a compilation in more recent years. After some changes in the line-up the group changed their name to Dandelion Wine in 1968.

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The Strawberry Window archive release

info Strawberry Window, Strawberry Window, 2009 (LP + EP)

Various artists compilations that include The Strawberry Window tracks

info What A Way to Come Down, Various Artists, 1997

Last updated March 2005