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Terry And The Pirates Discography

The first Terry And The Pirates show was in June 1973 with Terry Dolan, Greg Douglass, John Cipollina, Hutch Hutchinson and David Weber. However some tracks on their first album are from a recording session in 1970 which included Dolan, Douglass, Cipollina, Nicky Hopkins, Lonnie Turner and others. The group had a floating line-up through the 1970s and 1980's with Terry Dolan, Greg Douglass and John Cipollina being, more or less, the regular core of the band. The band played intermittently during these years dependant on the other commitments of these musicians. Other musicians that played with the group during these years include David Hayes, Nicky Hopkins, Lonnie Turner, Jeff Myer, Bones Jones, Greg Elmore, Dave Carter, Bill Baron and Pete Sears. The group disbanded following the death of John Cipollina in 1989.

Terry Dolan reformed the band in 1994 with a new line-up. The group continued to perform, with various line-ups in the late 1990's and 2000's.

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Terry And The Pirates & related: albums

info Too Close for Comfort, Terry & The Pirates, 1979
info The Doubtful Handshake, Terry & The Pirates, 1980
info Wind Dancer, Terry & The Pirates, 1981
info Rising Of The Moon, Terry Dolan / Terry & The Pirates, 1982
info Terry Dolan's Acoustic Rangers, Terry Dolan's Acoustic Rangers, 1987
info Silverado Trail, Terry & The Pirates, 1990
info Still A Pirate, Terry Dolan, 1998
info Return To Silverado, Terry and The Pirates with John Cipollina, 2008
info Comanche Boots, Terry And The Pirates, 2008
info Rockpalast: West Coast Legends, Vol. 5, Terry and The Pirates, 2011

Terry And The Pirates: singles

no info Montana Eyes / I Put A Spell On You, Terry & The Pirates, 1980

Terry And The Pirates: on video/DVD

info Electric Guitarslinger: John Cipollina, Documentary, 2000
info Recoil: John Cipollina In Music And Memory, 2010
info Rockpalast: West Coast Legends, Vol. 5 (DVD), Terry and The Pirates, 2011

Terry And The Pirates: on various artist compilations

info West Coast, Various Artists, 1980
info That's Sawdust Country, Various Artists, 1990
info Moody Guitars, Various Artists, 1991

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