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Tongue & Groove Discography

Tongue & Groove were a folk/blues rock group who were formed in 1968. Initially the groups were a trio comprising ex-Charlatans, Michael Ferguson on keyboards and vovcals, Randy Lewis on guitar and vocalist Lynne Hughes. The group released their first LP in early 1969, credited to Tongue & Groove featuring Lynne Hughes. A second, billed as Tongue & Groove present Lynne Hughes, was also released in 1969. There may have changes in the group personnel between the two albums.

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Tongue & Groove albums

info Tongue & Groove, Tongue & Groove, 1969
info Freeway Gypsy, Tongue & Groove Presents Lynne Hughes, 1969

Tongue & Groove singles

no info Cherry Ball (Shake Shake Mama) / Devil, Tongue & Groove, 1968, Fontana 1640
no info Come On In My Kitchen / Mailman's Sack, Tongue & Groove, 1969, Fontana 1653

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