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The Charlatans Discography

The Charlatans were formed in San Francisco in 1964. They recorded a number of sessions between 1965 and 1967 but during this period only one single was released. After a number of personnel changes they finally released an LP in 1969. Their early recordings have subsequently been collected and released. The group disbanded in late 1969.

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The Charlatans albums

info The Charlatans, The Charlatans, 1969

album cover

The Charlatans compilations and archive releases

info Alabama Bound, The Charlatans, 1983
info The Charlatans / Alabama Bound, The Charlatans, 1994
info The Amazing Charlatans, The Charlatans, 1996

The Charlatans singles

no info The Shadow Knows / 32-20, The Charlatans, 1966, Kapp 779 (Kama Sutra)
no info High Coin / When I Go Sailin' By, The Charlatans, 1969, Philips 40610

Various artists compilations that include The Charlatans tracks

info Mindrocker, Vol. 3, Various Artists, 1981
info Nuggets, Vol. 7: Early San Francisco, Various Artists, 1985
info The Autumn Records Story, Various Artists, 1986
info San Francisco Nights, Various Artists, 1991
info San Francisco Nights, Various Artists, 1996
info Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968, Various Artists, 1998
info Boys Don't Cry Soundtrack, Various Artists, 1999
info Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970, Various Artists, 2007

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