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The Waybacks Discography

The acoustic group the Waybacks were formed in the late 1990's in San Francisco. The original line-up was an acoustic trio comprising Glenn Houston, Chojo Jacques and Stevie Coyle. The group then expanded to a quintet with a line-up of James Nash, Chojo Jacques, Stevie Coyle, Chris Kee and Chuck Hamilton. Joe Kyle replaced Chris Kee on bass in 2001. Jacques left the group in 2004 and for a year or more they had a series of guest fiddlers. In 2006 fiddler and mandolinist Warren Hood joined the group. Peter Tucker sometimes replaces Hamilton on drums for shows in the San Francisco area. Bob Weir sat in with the group on a number of occasions in the mid-2000's most notably at a couple of bluegrass festivals in 2006 where the group was informally billed as Weir and The Waybacks and informally referred to by fans as The Weirbacks.

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Major releases

info Devolver, The Waybacks, 2000
info Burger After Church, The Waybacks, 2002
info Way Live, The Waybacks, 2003
info From the Pasture to the Future, The Waybacks, 2006

Various artists compilations that include tracks by The Waybacks

info Freight Train Boogie, Various Artists, 2001
info Kennebunk Coffeehouse: Best Of 5 Live, Various Artists, 2004
no info Folk Alliance Showcase Compilation V, Various Artists, 200?

album cover

album cover

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