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The Waybacks

The Waybacks were formed in the late 1990's in San Francisco. The original line-up was an acoustic trio comprising Glenn Houston, Chojo Jacques and Stevie Coyle. The group then expanded to a quintet with a line-up of James Nash, Chojo Jacques, Stevie Coyle, Chris Kee and Chuck Hamilton. Joe Kyle replaced Chris Kee on bass in 2001. Jacques left the group in 2004 and for a year or more they had a series of guest fiddlers. In 2006 fiddler and mandolinist Warren Hood joined the group.

The Waybacks have performed and recorded sporadically during the 2010's. The current line-up is James Nash, Warren Hood, Joe Kyle and Chuck Hamilton.

Bob Weir sat in with the Waybacks on a number of occasions in the mid-2000's most notably at a couple of bluegrass festivals in 2006 where the group was informally billed as Weir and The Waybacks and informally referred to by fans as The Weirbacks. For more information see the Weir and The Waybacks page.

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Selected Waybacks discography

info Devolver, The Waybacks, 2000
info Burger After Church, The Waybacks, 2002
info Way Live, The Waybacks, 2003
info From the Pasture to the Future, The Waybacks, 2006
info Merlefest, April 26, 2007, The Waybacks, 2007
info Wakarusa Music Festival, Lawrence, KS, June 10, 2007, The Waybacks, 2007
no info Loaded, The Waybacks, 2008
no info Secret Stage Mixes Vol. 1: Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA, 10/26/08, The Waybacks, 2008
info Secret Stage Mixes Vol. 2: Rhythm & Roots, Charlestown, RI, 8/30/08, The Waybacks, 2008
info Secret Stage Mixes Vol. 3: Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA, 10/18/08, The Waybacks, 2008
no info Merlefest Watson Stage April 24,2009, The Waybacks w/Special Guests, 2009
no info Abbey Road Tribute, The Waybacks & Friends, 2011
no info Hillside Album Hour 2011: Eat A Peach, The Waybacks With Joan Osborne, 2012
no info Hillside Album Hour 2012: Hendrix On The Hillside, The Waybacks And Friends, 2013
no info Hillside Album Hour 2013: After The Flood, The Waybacks And Friends, 2014
no info Hillside Album Hour 2014: Deja Vu, The Waybacks And Friends, 2015
no info Hillside Album Hour 2015: Back In The USA, The Waybacks And Friends, 2016
info Hillside Album Hour 2016: Birdsongs, The Waybacks And Friends, 2017
no info Hillside Album Hour 2017: With A Lotta Help From Our Friends, The Waybacks with Celia Woodsmith, 2018
no info Hillside Album Hour 2018: Full On The Hill, The Waybacks And Friends, 2019
no info Hillside Album Hour 2019: Stairway To Hillside, The Waybacks And Friends, 2020

Songs played by The Waybacks

This is an incomplete list drawn from released recordings and setlists at archive.org.

no info 4 + 20
info 19th Nervous Breakdown
no info 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
no info About Tinariwen
no info Ain't Been Home
info Ain't Wastin Time No More
info All Along The Watchtower
no info All Of Me
no info All Right
info Almost Cut My Hair
no info Alone
no info Already Gone
no info Alright For Now
no info American Girl
no info Angel Eyes
no info The Apartment Song
no info Are You Experienced?
no info Armando's Rhumba
no info As the Crow Flies
no info Au Privave
no info Baby I'm Fallin' in Love With You
info Ballad Of A Thin Man
info Banks Of The Ohio
no info The Battle of Evermore
no info Because
no info Been Around
no info Bein' Right
no info Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
no info Best Of My Love
info Bertha
no info Beyond The Northwest Passage
info Big Iron
info Big River
info Bird Song
no info Black Cat
no info Black Dog
info Blackberry Blossom
info Blackbird
info The Blacksmith
info Blowin' In The Wind
info Blue Sky
no info Bobby Jean
no info Born In The USA
no info Bright Day (aka Under My Nose)
info Bright Place
no info Bring It On Home
no info Bring It On Home To Me
info Brokedown Palace
no info Broken Man
info Brown Eyed Women
no info Brundlefly
no info California
no info Calling Elvis
no info Calling them Back
no info Can't Get It
no info Can't Let Go
no info Carry On
info Carry That Weight
info Casey Jones
info Cassidy
no info Celtic Medley
no info Church Bells
no info City Boy
no info Cluck Old Hen
no info Cluck Old Hen with Xmas tune teases
info Come Together
no info Coming Back Home
no info Compadres In The Old Sierra Madres
no info Conjugal Visit
no info Country Girl
no info Cover Me
no info Creek Becomes a River
no info Cryin' Time
no info Crying
info Cumberland Blues
no info Daddy Lessons^
no info Dancing In The Dark
no info Dang 'Ol Bango
no info Darlington County
no info Daughter Of A Conjugal Visit
info A Day in the Life
info Dead Flowers
no info Dead Horse Trampoline
no info Dedication
no info Deep Down In Florida
info Deep Elum Blues
no info Deja Vu
no info Depending On You
no info Desperado
no info Devil's Door
info Dire Wolf
no info Don't Laugh
info Don't Think Twice It's All Right
no info Down From Iona
no info Downbound Train
no info drums
no info Dupree Diamond Mine
info Dupree's Diamond Blues
info El Paso
info The Eleven
no info The End
info Endless Highway
no info Everybody I Love You
no info Everything Fades
no info Excuse Me Mister
no info A Face In The Crowd
no info Fast Paced World
no info Feel A Whole Lot Better
no info Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag Medley
no info Fiddle Tune Medley
no info Fire
no info Fixing A Hole
no info Fond Farewell
info For What It's Worth
info Fortunate Son
no info Four Sticks
info Foxy Lady
no info Free As A Bird
no info Free Bird
info Free Fallin'
info Friend Of The Devil Jam
info Friend Of The Devil
info From The Pasture To The Future
no info Genesis Hall
no info Get Up, Stand Up
no info Getaway
no info Getting Better
no info Glass Onion
no info Glory Days
no info Goin' To California
no info Going To New Orleans
no info Golden Slumbers
no info Gone WayBack
no info Good Enough
no info Good Morning Good Morning
no info Green Acres Haze
no info Green Acres Theme mashup
no info Growin' Up (91)
no info Gulshian Island
no info Happy Birthday
no info Happy Together
info Harder They Come
no info Have a Nice Day
no info Heartbreaker
info Helpless
info Her Majesty
info Here Comes The Sun
info Hesitation Blues
no info Hey Baby, I'm Fallin'
no info Hey Joe
info Highway 61 Revisited
info Hillside Stew
no info Hot Kranksi
no info How We Know
no info I Can See Your Aura
no info I Don't Live Today
no info I Get the Blues When It Rains
info I Shall Be Released
no info I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
no info I Want You (She's So Heavy)
no info I Won't Back Down
no info I'm Callin’
no info I'm Calling You
no info I'm Goin' Down
no info I'm On Fire
no info I'm Really Fine
no info Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim
no info In The Night
no info In The Night (In The Wee Wee Hours)
no info Instrumental
no info Into the Dawn
no info Is it Good Enough For you ?
info It Ain't Me Babe
info It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
no info It's Alright
no info I've Been Around
info Jack Straw
no info Jam Tune
no info Jitterbug Waltz
no info JNPT
info Just Like A Woman
no info Kashmir
info Knockin' On Heaven's Door
no info Last Chance
no info Last Date
no info The Last Steam Engine Train
info The Last Time
no info Lawyers, Guns & Money
info Lay Lady Lay
no info Legalize It
no info The Lemon Song
info Les Brers In A Minor
no info Let's Eat
no info Lickkus Interruptus
info Like A Rolling Stone
info Little Martha
info Little Sadie jam
no info Living In The Future
no info Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)
no info Loaded
no info Loner
no info Lonesome Wind
no info Lost It
no info Love Is A Long Road
no info Love Or Confusion
no info Lovely Rita
no info Low Down
no info Lowdown
info Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
no info Lyin' Eyes
no info Main Street
no info Mainline Florida
no info Mainstreet
info Mama Tried
no info Manic Depression
info Maxwell's Silver Hammer
no info May This Be Love
no info McHattie's Waltz
info Mean Mr. Mustard
info Melissa
info Midnight Moonlight
no info A Mind With A Heart Of Its Own
no info Misty Mountain Hop
no info Moby Dick
no info Moby Dick Jam
info Molly and Tenbrooks
no info Monkey Pants
no info Monkey Pants (I Wanna Be Like You?)
info Moonlight Mile
info Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
no info Motor City Man
no info Motorway
no info Motorway Of Livin'
info Mountain Jam
no info My Hometown
no info My One And Only
no info New Orleans
no info Nice To Be Alone
info The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
no info Ninety One
no info No Shoes
no info No Surrender
no info Northwest Passage
no info Now I'm Good
info Octopus's Garden
no info Oh Darling
no info Old Number Seven
no info Old Sierra Madre
no info One Of These Nights
no info One Way Out
no info Our House
no info Peace Frog
no info Peaceful Easy Feeling
no info Perfect World
info The Petrified Man
no info Pink Panther Theme
no info Police Dog Blues
info Polythene Pam
no info Prairie Doggin'
no info Purple Haze
no info Purple Rain
info The Race Is On
no info Rains
info Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
no info Ramble On
no info Rambling On My Mind
no info Red Haired Boy??
no info Reintarnation
no info Revival
no info Right Under My Nose
no info Rights Of Man Hornpipe
no info Ring of Fire
no info The River
no info Rock And Roll
no info Rock Moninoff (?)
info Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
no info Rolling Down to Old Maui
no info Room At The Top
no info Roundabout
no info Runnin' Down A Dream
no info Russell County Gorge
info Russian Lullaby
no info Sad As It Seems
info Saint Stephen
no info Salt Flat Rhapsody
no info The Same Thing Suite
no info San Francisco
no info Santeria
no info Saturday Night Special
no info Savannah
no info Scrapple From The Apple
no info See Me, Feel Me
no info Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
info Shady Grove
info Shakedown Street
info The Shape I'm In
no info She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
no info She's Leaving Home
no info She's So Mean
no info Silent Solo
info Silver Threads and Golden Needles
no info Sin City
no info Sin Wagon
no info Sister Morphine
info Something
no info Spiritual (Aura)
info Stage Fright
no info Stairway To Heaven
no info Stand Back
no info Staring Into The Light
no info Stone Free
no info Strange Attractor
no info Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
info Sultans of Swing
info Sun King
no info Swallowtail Jig
no info T Bone Funk
no info TBC
no info T-Bone
no info Take It Easy
no info Take It To The Limit
info Teach Your Children
no info Temporary Cheese
info Tennessee Blues
no info Tennessee Waltz
no info Tequila Sunrise
no info Texas Cookin'
no info Thank You
info That Lucky Old Sun
no info That Train Don't Stop Here
no info There Must Be A Chance For Me One More Time
no info There Must Be a Reason (James Brown cover)
no info They Tried To Kill Us, We Survived (Let's Eat)
info Third Stone from the Sun
no info Three Little Birds
info The Thrill Is Gone
no info Time to Get a Gun
no info Tired of Always Being Right
no info Tired Of Being Right
info Tomorrow Never Knows
no info Train on the Brain
no info Trouble No More
no info Tupelo (Pt. 1)
no info Turkish Stalemate
no info Under My Nose
info Up On Cripple Creek
no info Voldemart
no info Walls
info The Weight
no info What a Wonderful World
no info What Is And What Should Never Be
no info When Doves Cry
no info When I'm Sixty-Four
no info When It Rains
no info When The Levee Breaks
no info When You Are Near
no info When You Awake
no info When You're Near
info Whipping Post
no info Whole Lotta Love
no info The Wind Cries Mary
no info Witch Of The Westmoreland
no info Witchy Woman
no info With A Little Help From My Friends
info Within You Without You
no info Woodstock
no info Working in a Coal Mine
no info Working On The Highway
info Yer So Bad
no info Yes We Can Can
info You Never Give Me Your Money
no info Young Americans
info Zombie Zoo

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