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We Five Discography

This is a discography of recordings by We Five. The discography is presented with titles grouped according to the type of release.

We Five were formed in San Francisco in 1964. The original line-up was Beverly Bivens, Jerry Burgan, Pete Fullerton, Bob Jones and Mike Stewart. They released their first LP and single in 1965. The single, You Were On My Mind, reached number 3 in the Billboard charts. Further singles and a second LP, of folk rock with tight harmonies, followed over the next year and a half with moderate success but they were unable to repeat the success of their first single. The group split up after the release of their second LP in 1967.

The group reformed with two of the original members, Burgan and Fullerton in 1969 and released another LP in 1969. In 1970, joined by a third original member, Michael Stewart, they released a fourth LP. The group then split up again. Since then various versions of the group have got together at various times. An album was released in 1977. A sampler of their current music was released in the early 2000s.

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We Five albums
We Five compilations
We Five singles
We Five EPs
Various artists compilations

We Five albums

info You Were On My Mind, We Five, 1965
info Make Someone Happy, We Five, 1967
info The Return Of We Five, We Five, 1969
info Catch The Wind, We Five, 1970
info Take Each Day As It Comes, We Five, 1977, AVI 6016
info Folk Rock Revival Sampler, We Five, 2002

We Five compilations

info You Were On My Mind / Make Someone Happy, We Five, 1996
info There Stands The Door: The Best Of, We Five, 2009

We Five singles

no info You Were On My Mind / Small World, We Five, 1965, A & M 770
no info Cast Your Fate To The Wind / Let's Get Together, We Five, 1965, A & M 784
no info Somewhere Beyond The Sea / You Let A Love Burn Out, We Five, 1966, A & M 793
no info There Stands The Door / Somewhere, We Five, 1966, A & M 800
no info What's Goin' On / The First Time, We Five, 1966, A & M 820
no info Never Goin' Back / Here Comes The Sun, We Five, 1970, Vault 964
no info Catch The Wind / Oh Lonesome Me, We Five, 1970, Vault 969
no info Rejoice / Bandstand Dancer, We Five, 197?, Verve 10716

We Five EPs

info Let's Get Together EP, We Five, 1966

Various artists compilations that include We Five tracks

info Million Dollar Sound Sampler, Various Artists, 1967
info Something Festive!, Various Artists, 1968
info Solid Gold: WOR FM 98.7, Various Artists, 1970
info Forget Me Nots, Various Artists, 1975
info The Horn Of Plenty : 20 Years of Music From A&M, Various Artists, 1982
info Nuggets, Vol. 7: Early San Francisco, Various Artists, 1985
info Classic Rock: 1965: Shakin' All Over, Various Artists, 1989
info Best of 60's Mellow, Various Artists, 1990
info San Francisco Nights, Various Artists, 1991
info One Hit Wonders of the '60s, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1991
info Billboard Top Pop Hits: 1965, Various Artists, 1995
info The Best of Folk Rock, Various Artists, 1995
info Roots of Rock: 60's Folk, Various Artists, 1995
info San Francisco Daze, Various Artists, 1997
info Rock The Planet: Folk 60s, Various Artists, 1997
info 45's on CD, Vol. 2: 1964-1965, Various Artists, 1998
info 50's & 60's, Vol. 12, Various Artists, 1998
info Generations of Folk, Vol. 3: Classis Harmonies, Various Artists, 1998
info Chart Toppers: Romantic Hits of the 60's, Various Artists, 1998
info Midsummer Night Dreams and San Francisco Daze, Various Artists, 1998
info Easy Listening Gold: 1964-1965, Various Artists, 1999
info Treasury of Folk Music, An All Star Hootenany, Various Artists, 1999
info Treasury of Folk Music, Folk Rock, Various Artists, 1999
info Folk Sixties, Various Artists, 19??
info Big Parade, Various Artists, 19??
info '66 And All Those Hits, Various Artists, 19??
info Singers & Songwriters: The 1960's, Various Artists, 2000
info 1960s: The Folk Years, Various Artists, 2002
info The Folk Years: Blowin' in the Wind, Various Artists, 2002
info The Folk Years, Various Artists, 2003
info Steal This Record: A Collection Of Songs Of Protest, Various Artists, 2004
info The '60s Rock Experience, Various Artists, 2005
info Four Decades of Folk Rock, Various Artists, 2007
info Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970, Various Artists, 2007
info Sing Me A Rainbow: A Trident Anthology 1965-1967, Various Artists, 2008
info 60's Music Revolution, Various Artists, 2012

Last updated February 2011