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Flashback With The Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead

Initial release : 2011

Rhino Flashback

A 10 track Grateful Dead compilation.


  • Truckin' (Garcia / Lesh / Weir / Hunter)
  • China Cat Sunflower (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Unbroken Chain (Lesh / Petersen)
  • U.S. Blues (Garcia / Hunter)
  • The Music Never Stopped (Weir / Barlow)
  • Shakedown Street (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Alabama Getaway (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Throwing Stones (Weir / Barlow)
  • Standing On The Moon (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Touch of Grey (Garcia / Hunter)
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The tracks on this budget compilation are probably taken from the following albums.

Truckin' from;

China Cat Sunflower from; Unbroken Chain and U. S. Blues from; The Music Never Stopped from; Shakedown Street from; Alabama Getaway from; Throwing Stones and Touch of Grey from; Standing On The Moon from;
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