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Sage And Spirit

Grateful Dead

Initial release : 2019

Grateful Dead/Rhino

An LP compilation of previously released live and studio tracks released for Record Store Day in April 2019. The compilation is released in partnership with Dogfish Head Brewery.


  • Sugar Magnolia
  • Eyes of the World
  • Lost Sailor
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • High Time
  • Sage & Spirit
  • Jack Straw (live)
  • Unbroken Chain
  • Brown-Eyed Woman (live)
  • If I Had the World to Give
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Sugar Magnolia;

Eyes Of The World from; Lost Sailor and Saint Of Circumstance from; High Time; Sage & Spirit from; Unbroken Chain from; If I Had the World to Give from; Jack Straw and Brown-Eyed Women from;
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