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Selections from the Arista Years 1977-1995

Grateful Dead

Initial release : Dec 1996/Jan 1997 (?)

Arista 30632

Single CD promotional sampler for the double CD The Arista Years compilation.


  • Estimated Prophet (Weir/Barlow)
  • Passenger (Lesh/Monk)
  • Shakedown Street (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Fire On The Mountain (Hart/Hunter)
  • I Need A Miracle (Weir/Barlow)
  • Alabama Getaway (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Touch Of Grey (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Hell In A Bucket (Weir / Barlow / Mydland)
  • Throwing Stones (Weir / Barlow)
  • Black Muddy River (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Foolish Heart (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Built To Last (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Picasso Moon (Weir/Barlow/Bralove)
  • Standing On The Moon (Garcia/Hunter)
Related releases

This is a promotional sampler for the double CD compilation album;

Full musician and other credit information is available on the page for that compilation or on pages of the original source albums for the tracks included on the compilation and sampler; A double CD radio show, including music from the album and interviews with Lesh, Hart and Weir, was produced to promote the Arista Years compilation;
  • In The Studio #438, Interviews with Weir, Hart and Leash, music from The Arista Years, 1996
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