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The Best of Country McDonald

Country Joe McDonald

Initial release : 1990

Vanguard VCD-119/20

A compilation of tracks from Country Joe McDonald's late 60s and early 70's LPs on the Vanguard label.

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  • Pastures of Plenty (Guthrie)
  • Roll on, Columbia (Guthrie/Leadbelly/Lomax)
  • Ring of Fire (Cash/Kilgore)
  • Six Days on the Road (Green/Montgomery)
  • Mara (McDonald)
  • Hold on, It's Coming (McDonald)
  • Air Algiers (McDonald)
  • Joe's Blues
  • The Man from Athabaska (McDonald/Service)
  • The Call (McDonald/Service)
  • Living in the Future in a Plastic Dome (McDonald)
  • Fantasy (McDonald)
  • Movin'
  • St. Tropez (McDonald)
  • Sweet Marie (McDonald)
  • Making Money in Chile (McDonald)
  • Memories (McDonald)
  • It's Finally Over (McDonald)

  • Country Joe McDonald - guitar, harmonica, vocals

  • See individual album pages for the musician information for each track

  • Compilation producer, liner notes - Bill Belmont
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