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War War War

Country Joe McDonald

Initial release : August 1971

Vanguard 79315

Solo release of that comprises Country Joe songs that are based on poems written by Robert Service.

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  • Forward (McDonald)
  • The Call (McDonald)
  • Young Fellow, My Lad (McDonald)
  • The Man from Athabaska (McDonald)
  • The Munition Maker (McDonald)
  • The Twins (McDonald)
  • Jean Desprez (McDonald)
  • War Widow (McDonald)
  • The March of the Dead (McDonald)

  • Country Joe McDonald - guitar, harmonica, footstomping, tambourine, organ, vocals

  • Producer - Country Joe McDonald
  • Engineer - Captain Jeff Zaraya
  • Cover - Thut-Wainwrigh
  • Recorded at Vanguard Studios, 71 West 23rd Street, New York City
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