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The Best of Steve Miller Band: 1968-1973

Steve Miller Band

Initial release : 1977? (Uncertain of original release date)


A compilation of tracks from the early Steve Miller Band LPs. Subsequent CD releases have included bonus tracks.

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  • The Joker (Curtis/Ertegun/Miller)
  • Living in the U.S.A. (Miller)
  • My Dark Hour (Miller)
  • Going to the Country (Miller/Sidran)
  • Shu Ba da du Ma Ma Ma Ma (Miller)
  • Going to Mexico (Miller/Scaggs)
  • Come on in My Kitchen (Payne)
  • Evil (Miller)
  • Song for Our Ancestors (Miller)
  • Your Saving Grace (Davis)
  • Quicksilver Girl (Miller)
  • Seasons (Miller/Sidran)
  • Space Cowboy (Miller/Sidran)
  • Gangster of Love (Watson)
  • Kow Kow (Miller)
  • Little Girl (Miller)
  • Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around (Miller)
  • Jackson-Kent Blues (Miller)
  • Sugar Babe (Miller)
Uncertain of original release track list. The above is for a CD release. Of the tracks shown the last four and possibly others were not included on the original LP release.

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Song for Our Ancestors, Living in the U.S.A., Quicksilver Girl and Gangster of Love were originally released on;

  • Sailor, Steve Miller Band, 1968
Kow Kow, Seasons, Space Cowboy and My Dark Hour were originally released on; Little Girl, Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around and Your Saving Grace were originally released on; Going to the Country, Going to Mexico and Jackson-Kent Blues were originally released on; The Joker, Shu Ba da du Ma Ma Ma Ma, Come on in My Kitchen, Evil and Sugar Babe were originally released on;