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The Best of the Chocolate Watch Band

The Chocolate Watch Band

Initial release : 1983

Rhino RNLP 108

A compilation of tracks from the original 60s recordings.


Original LP tracks;

  • Let's Talk About Girls (Freiser)
  • Sweet Young Thing (Cobb)
  • No Way Out (Cobb)
  • It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Dylan)
  • Expo 2000 (Podolor)
  • In the Past (Proctor)
  • I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Davies)
  • Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In) (Bennett/McElroy)
  • Don't Need Your Lovin' (Aguilar)
  • Misty Lane (Siegel)
  • She Weaves a Tender Trap (Cobb)
  • Sitting There Standing (Aguilar/Andrijasevich/Flores/Loomis/Tolby)
  • Milk Cow Blues (Arnold)
  • I Ain't No Miracle Worker (Mantz/Tucker)
Additional CD tracks;
  • Gone and Passes By (Aguilar)
  • Dark Side of the Mushroom (Cooper/Podolor)
  • Uncle Morris (Andrijasevich/Loomis)
  • Voyage of the Trieste (Cobb)

Musicians include;

  • David Aguilar - harmonica, percussion, vocals
  • Sean Tolby - guitar
  • Mark Loomis - guitar, vocals
  • Bill Flores - bass
  • Gary Andrijasevich - drums, vocals
  • Danny Phay - guitar
The tracks Voyage of the Trieste and In the Past, and possibly other tracks are not played by the group at all but by session musicians.

The remaining tracks are played by the group but may feature contributions from session musicians.

Some, but not all, of the tracks on this album were played by, or include contributions from, session musicians.


  • Liner Notes - Mike McDowell
Related releases

Let's Talk About Girls, Dark Side of the Mushroom, Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In), Gone and Passes By, No Way Out and Expo 2000 were originally released on;

Voyage of the Trieste, In the Past, I'm Not Like Everybody Else, It's All over Now, Baby Blue and I Ain't No Miracle Worker were originally released on; Uncle Morris was originally released on; Three of the other tracks were released only on singles;
  • Sweet Young Thing / Baby Blue, Chocolate Watch Band, 1966, Uptown 740
  • Misty Lane / She Weaves A Tender Trap, Chocolate Watch Band, 1966, Uptown 749
Don't Need Your Lovin' and Sitting There Standing were originally released on; Source information for Milk Cow Blues will be added when known;

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