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Boogie Chillun

John Lee Hooker

Initial release : 1972 (CD 1989)


Recorded live at the Sugar Hill club in San Francisco in 1962.

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  • I Can't Hold On
  • I'm Gonna Keep On Walking
  • I Was Standing by the Wayside
  • T.B. is Killing Me
  • Run On Babe
  • This World
  • I Love to See You Walking
  • It's You I Love, Baby
  • Driftin' and Driftin'
  • You Gonna Miss Me
  • You're Nice and Kind to Me Lou Della
  • I Need Some Money
  • I Want to Get Married
  • Matchbox *
  • Boogie Chillun
  • Night Time is the Right Time
  • You Don't Move Me Baby
  • You Been Dealin' with The Devil
  • Cruel Little Baby
  • I Got the Key to the Highway
* only on original double LP release not on CD reissue


  • John Lee Hooker - guitar, vocals
Related releases

This material has a confusing discography which may be as follows!

The original release was a 10 track LP;

These 10 tracks plus a further 10 tracks from the sessions were released on a double LP. Note that the CD release of Boogie Chillun includes only 19 tracks. The UK company Ace released the 20 Boogie Chillun tracks on two LPs; Ace subsequently compiled the two LPs onto one CD but were forced to omit one track due to space considerations; Finally to confuse the issue a completely different set of tracks from the same sessions was released on CD;