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Darkness, Darkness: The Best Of The RCA Years

The Youngbloods

Initial release : 1998

Demon / Edsel 561

A collection of tracks from the group's RCA recordings.

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  • Darkness, Darkness (Young)
  • Grizzly Bear (Corbitt)
  • Statesboro Blues (McTell)
  • Get Together (Powers)
  • Four in the Morning (Remaily)
  • C.C. Rider (Rainey arr. Hurt)
  • On Sir Francis Drake (Levinger)
  • Sunlight (Young)
  • Beautiful (Young)
  • Quicksand (Young)
  • Sham (Young)
  • Ride the Wind (Young)
  • Euphoria (Remaily)
  • Too Much Monkey Business (Berry)
  • Sugar Babe (Lomax/Young)
  • Don't Play Games (Corbitt)
  • Fool Me (Levinger)
  • The Wine Song (Young)
  • Reason to Believe (Hardin)

  • Jesse Colin Young
  • Jerry Corbitt (tracks 2 to 6 and 13 to 19)
  • Joe Bauer
  • Banana (Lowell Levinger)
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