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Elephant Mountain

The Youngbloods

Initial release : April 1969

RCA 4150

The third Youngbloods LP. Their last LP for RCA and their first after the departure of founder member Jerry Corbitt.

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  • Darkness, Darkness (Young)
  • Smug (Young)
  • On Sir Francis Drake (Levinger)
  • Sunlight (Young)
  • Double Sunlight (Bauer/Levinger/Young
  • Beautiful (Young)
  • Turn It Over (Bauer/Levinger/Young)
  • Rain Song (Don't Let the Rain Get You Down) (Collins/Corbitt/Pappalardi)
  • Trillium (Bauer/Levinger/Young)
  • Quicksand (Young)
  • Black Mountain Breakdown (Bauer/Levinger/Young)
  • Sham (Young)
  • Ride the Wild (Young)

  • Jesse Colin Young - bass, vocals
  • Joe Bauer - drums
  • Banana (Lowell Levinger) - piano, guitar, pedal steel guitar, vocals

  • Producer - Charles E. Daniels
  • Producer (Quicksand and Sham) - The Youngbloods, Bob Cullen
  • Engineer - Hank Cicalo, Mickey Crofford, Ritchie Schmidt
  • Cover painting - Charles Laurens Heald
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