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Living in the USA

Steve Miller Band

Initial release : 1992

Cema Special Markets 57288

A budget compilation of tracks from the late 1960's and early 1970's Steve Miller Band LPs. This compilation has been reissued at least twice on the Platinum and Excelsior imprints.

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  • Living in the U.S.A. (Miller/Miller)
  • Space Cowboy (Miller/Sidran)
  • Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around (Miller)
  • The Joker (Curtis / Ertegun / Miller)
  • Gangster of Love (Miller/Watson)
  • The Lovin' Cup (Miller)
  • Quicksilver Girl (Miller)
  • Your Saving Grace (Davis)
  • Motherless Child (Traditional)
  • Mary Lou (Jessie / Ling)
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Living in the U.S.A., Gangster of Love and Quicksilver Girl were originally released on;

  • Sailor, Steve Miller Band, 1968
Space Cowboy was originally released on; Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Around, Motherless Children and Your Saving Grace were originally released on; The Joker, Lovin' Cup and Mary Lou were originally released on;