Far From Me
Composer: Brent Mydland

Far From Me was first performed by the Grateful Dead in March 1980. It was part of the live repertoire through to October 1984 at which point it disappeared until the Spring of 1987. It was then performed a handful of times each year until its last performance in July 1990.

Far From Me was played by Phil Lesh & Friends in August 2015 during a show that recreated the setlist of the June 21, 1980 Grateful Dead show.

Grateful Dead recordings

info Go To Heaven, 1980
info Single (Alabama Getaway / Far From Me), 1980
info Single (Don't Ease Me In / Far From Me), 1980
info The Arista Years, 1996
info Go To Nassau, 2002
info View From The Vault IV, 2003
info View From The Vault IV (DVD), 2003
info Beyond Description, 2004
info Complete Studio Albums Collection, 2013
info Spring 1990 (The Other One), 2014
info The Best Of The Grateful Dead, 2015
info July 12 & 13, 1989, Washington, DC, 2017
info Single Coll., Vol. 17: Alabama Getaway / Far From Me, 2021
info Single Coll., Vol. 18: Don't Ease Me In / Far From Me, 2021
info Dave's Picks Vol 44: Eugene, 6/23/90, 2022

Other recordings

info The Sandwich Man: With a Large Side of Love, Featuring Hammond Sandwich and Dark Star Orchestra, 2005

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