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The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union / The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens

Beacon Street Union

Initial release : 1998

See for Miles 495

A two-on-one release that includes all tracks but one from the two Beacon Street Union LPs.


  • Recitation (Pomerene/Ulaky)
  • My Love Is (Ulaky)
  • Beautiful Delilah (Berry)
  • Sportin' Life (Beacon Street Union))
  • Four Hundred And Five (Farrell/Rhodes/Tartachny/Ulaky/Weisberg/Wright)
  • Mystic Mourning (Rhodes/Ulaky/Weisberg)
  • Sadie Said No (Ulaky/Wright)
  • Speed Kills (Ulaky/Wright)
  • Blue Avenue (Ulaky)
  • South End Incident (Ulaky)
  • Green Destroys The Gold (Ulaky)
  • The Prophet (Ulaky/Wright)
  • The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens (Ulaky/Wright)
  • The Clown's Overture (Fallon)
  • Angus Of Aberdeen (Ulaky/Weisberg)
  • Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins)
  • A Not Very August Afternoon (Rhodes/Tartachny/Weisberg/Wright)
  • Now I Taste The Tears (Clifford)
  • May I Light Your Cigarette (Ulaky/Wright)
  • Baby Please Don't Go (Rhodes/Tartachny/Ulaky/Weisberg/Wright)


  • John Lincoln Wright - vocals
  • Robert Rhodes - keyboards, bass
  • Richard Weissberg - drums
  • Paul Tartachny - guitar
  • Wayne Ulaky - bass

  • Recitation - Tom Wilson

Other credits

Original albums;
  • Producer - Wes Farrell
  • Director of engineering - Val Valentin
  • Engineers - George Schowerer, Gary Kellgren
  • Album design - John Sposato
  • Photographs - David Hoff, Joel Brodsky
  • Art direction - Acy R. Lehman
Two-on-one release;
  • Liner notes - Brian Hogg
  • Original sleeves supplied courtesy of Richard Allen

Related releases

This two on one CD release comprises the majority of tracks from the two Beacon Street Union LPs; One track, King Of The Jungle, from The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens LP was omitted from this two on one release due to space constraints.

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