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The Brogues Discography

This is a discography of recordings by The Brogues. The discography is presented with titles grouped according to the type of release.

The Brogues were formed in Merced at the end of 1964. The original group members were Bill Whittington, Eddie Rodrigues, Rick Campbell and Greg Elmore. They released only two singles, though the first of these was released twice, first on a local label and then on a national label. The only other known recordings by the group are from a demo that preceded the recording of their first single; an alternate version of Someday and a song called Journey. Gary Grubb (later to be known as Gary Duncan) joined the group in the early part of 1965 prior to the recording of their second single. The group split up in the middle of 1965 after two members of the band were drafted.

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album cover

The Brogues singles

no info But Now I Find / Someday, The Brogues, 1965, Twilight 408
no info But Now I Find / Someday, The Brogues, 1965, Challenge 59311
no info Don't Shoot Me Down / I Ain't No Miracle Worker, The Brogues, 1965, Challenge 59316

The Brogues EPs

info Line/Taxim maxi-single, The Brogues, 1981
info Sundazed EP, The Brogues, 1996

Various artists compilations that include The Brogues tracks

info Pebbles, Vol. 10, Various Artists, 1980
info Mindrocker, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1981
info Nuggets, Vol. 6 - Punk, Part II, Various Artists, 1985
info Sounds Of The Sixties San Francisco Part 2, Various Artists, 1985
info Best of Pebbles, Vol. 1: Get Primitive (CD version only), Various Artists, 1990
info Sundazed Sampler 1, Various Artists, 1993
info I Turned Into A Helium Balloon, Various Artists, 1994
info Hush Records Story, Various Artists, 1997
info Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968, Various Artists, 1998
info Excerpts From Nuggets, Various Artists, 1998
info Garage Band Classics, Various Artists, 1998
info Psychedelic Microdots Of The Sixties Vol. 1: Orange, Sugar & Chocolate, Various Artists, 199?
info The Trash Box, Various Artists, 199?
info Garage Beat '66 Vol. 3: Feeling Zero..., Various Artists, 2004

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