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Clover Discography

Clover had a two part career, the first in the late 1960's and early 1970's in the US and the second in the later 1970's in the UK.

The group was formed in San Francisco in 1967 when Johnny Ciambotti joined up with John McFee, Alex Call and Mitch Howie who were members of a group called the Tiny Hearing Aid Company. They performed around the Bay Area over the next two years eventually signing with Fantasy in 1969. They recorded two albums and one single for Fantasy in the early 1970's. Eventually an expanded line-up of the group moved to the UK in 1975 or early 1976. There they released two further albums. The group broke up in 1978 after returning to the US.

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Clover albums

info Clover, Clover, 1970
info Forty Niner, Clover, 1971
info Unavailable, Clover, 1976
info Love On The Wire, Clover, 1977
info The Sound City Sessions, Clover, 2006

Clover compilations

info The Clover Chronicle: The Best Of The Fantasy Years, Clover, 1979?
info The Best Of Clover: An American Band In London, Clover, 1986

Clover US singles

info Wade In The Water / Stealin', Clover, 1970, Fantasy 639
info Hearts Under Fire / Still Alive, Clover, 1977, Mercury 73978

Clover UK singles

info Wade In The Water / Stealin', Clover, 1970, Liberty
info Chicken Funk/Show Me Your Love, Clover, 1976, Vertigo 6059 157
info I Lie Awake / Take Another Look, Clover, 1977, Vertigo 6059 164
info Love Love / Leavin' Is, Clover, 1977, Vertigo 6059 171
info Chain Gang / Streets Of London, Clover, 1977, Vertigo 6059 175
info Oh Seņorita / Ain't Nobody, Clover, 1977, Vertigo 6059 188

Various artists compilations that include Clover tracks

info 1977 Mercury Sampler, Various Artists, 1977
info Garden of Eden: Famous Rock & Blues Artists, Various Artists, 1996
info San Francisco Nights, Various Artists, 1996

album cover

album cover

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