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Comfort performed between 1976 and 1978. The line-up of the group fluctuated slightly but the main participants were;

  • Robert Hunter - guitar, vocals
  • Marleen Molle - vocals
  • Kathleen Klein - vocals
  • Kevin Morgenstern - guitar
  • Rodney Albin - banjo, fiddle, vina, vocals
  • Ozzie Ahlers - keyboards
  • Larry Klein - bass
  • Pat Lorenzano - drums
The group recorded Robert Hunter's Alligator Moon Suite in 1976 for the Alligator Moon album which was not released. In A Box of Rain: Lyrics 1965-1973 the lyrics for the suite are preceded by Hunter's note;
The Alligator Moon suite was recorded but never released by the band Comfort in 1976. A ballet was choreographed for it and we performed the whole show three times, most notably at the Hooker's Ball - the last occasion of that peculiarly San Francisco annual celebration.
Two tracks by Comfort, Hooker's Ball and Promontory Rider, that were originally intended for the Alligator Moon LP were subsequently included on the 1982 Robert Hunter compilation Promontory Rider: A Retrospective Collection

Songs performed by Comfort

info All The Same
info Alligator Moon Suite
info Ariel
info Arizona Lightning
info Ballad Of Buddy Holly
info Battle Of New Orleans
no info Big Wind
info Blue Note (part of Alligator Moon Suite)
info Boys In The Barroom
no info Built For Comfort
info Cruel White Water
info Domino (part of Alligator Moon Suite)
info Domino, Cigarette, and Melina (part of Alligator Moon Suite)
info Friend Of The Devil
info Hooker's Ball
info It Must Have Been The Roses
info It's All The Same To Me
info It's True
info Jesse James
info Keys To The Rain
info Last Flash Of Rock & Roll
no info Let Me Go (Out Into The Valley)
info Mesa Linda (part of Alligator Moon Suite)
no info Miles High
info New East St. Louis Blue (part of Alligator Moon Suite)
no info Only You
info Promontory Rider
info Ripple
info River Deep Mountain High
info Rose Of Sharon
info Rum Runners
no info Sixty Nine Bottles Of Beer On The Wall
no info St. Louis Blues
info Stagger Lee
info Standing At Your Door
info Talkin' Money Tree
info That Train
info Tiger Rose
info Walkin' The Block
info Wild Bill

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