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Fantasy Records LPs discography

Fantasy Records pages on the site:

Fantasy 3 series 10" LPs: 3-1 to 3-21

Fantasy 3200/8000 series: 3201 to 3299 | 3300 to 8399 | 8400 to 8431

Fantasy 9000 series: 9401 to 9499 | 9500 to 9599 | 9600 to 9662

Fantasy 79000 series: 79001 to 79011

Fantasy 4500 (MPF) series: 4501 to 4536

Fantasy 6000/86000 Debut series: 6001 to 6018

Fantasy 24700 (Prestige) series: 24701 to 24732

Galaxy 5100 series: 5101 to 5154

Early Bird: Singles

Scorpio: Singles

This page indexes the various series of LPs released on Fantasy Records that are documented on the site.

Fantasy Records was founded in San Francisco in 1949 by Max and Sol Weiss. Initially the label released primarily jazz records and a few blues and organ albums. They increasingly also released rock albums from the late-1960s onwards and, in 1970s funk and disco albums.

The Jerry Garcia/Merl Saunders Keystone album and a number of other Merl Saunders albums were released on Fantasy in the 1970s. Other Bay Area rock groups with albums on the label include the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, Redwing, Country Joe McDonald, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Initially Fantasy albums were 10" LPs. They switched to 12" LPs in 1955. The Fantasy pages on the site list most but not all LP releases on the label. Some of the lists continue into the CD era.is an attempt to list all 12" LP released on the label.

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Last updated February 2023