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Record Label Glossary

info Acoustic Disc
info A&M Records
info Arista
info Autumn Records
info Capitol
info Columbia / CBS
no info Douglas
info Fantasy Records
info Fillmore Records
info Grateful Dead Records (1970s)
no info Grateful Dead Records (1990s/2000s)
info Grunt
info Philips
info Raccoon
info RCA
info Relix
info Rhino
info Round Records
info Rykodisc
info San Francisco
info Scorpio
info Sumertone
info Vanguard
info Warner Brothers
The recordings listed throughout this site have been released on many different record labels. However a number of recording companies occur quite regularly as the label for Grateful Dead recordings or recordings by individual band members or by other Bay Area groups or musicians.

Brief information about these record labels is given in this section. For a few of the labels discography information is provided but for the majority the information button leads to a short history of the label and it's relevance to this site.

Additions, corrections and comments are welcome

Last updated September 2003