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Record label started by Merl Saunders in the early 1980's. The label was suggested by his family and is run by them. The name derives from the names of his children; Susan, Merl and Tony. See the Merl Saunders discography for further information.

Sumertone releases

info San Francisco After Dark, Merl Saunders, 1982
info Meridien_Dreams, Merl Saunders, 1988
info Blues From The Rainforest, Merl Saunders, 1990
info Save The Planet So We'll Have Someplace To Boogie, Merl Saunders, 1991
info It's In The Air, Merl Saunders, 1993
info Still Having Fun, Merl Saunders, 1995
info Fiesta Amazonica, Merl Saunders, 1998
info With His Funky Friends: Live, Merl Saunders, 1998
info Ticket To Fly, Mike Lawson, 1998

Last updated May 2006