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Ned Lagin / Phil Lesh

Ned Lagin and Phil Lesh performed electronics segments between the sets of a number of Grateful Dead shows in 1974. They also performed a small number of shows away from the Dead, at least one of which included contributions from Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart. Ned Lagin released one album at this time which included contributions from Lesh, Garcia and Hart. During this period Lagin also contributed the synthesizer part on the recording of Unbroken Chain on the From The Mars Hotel LP. Prior to this period Lagin played piano on Candyman on American Beauty.

Related discography

info Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel, Grateful Dead, 1974
info Seastones, Ned Lagin, 1975
info Sampler For Deadheads (#3 of 3), Robert Hunter / Ned Lagin, 1975
info Seastones (Extended Version), Ned Lagin, 1991
info Dick's Picks, Vol. 12, Grateful Dead, 1998
info Seastones: Set 4 and Set 5, Ned Lagin, 2020


Last updated April 2006