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Notes From The Underground Discography

Notes From The Underground were formed in Berkeley in 1965. Following some personnel changes by 1966 the line-up of the group was Fred Sokolow, Mark Mandell, Jim Work, Mike O'Connor and Peter Oswald, who replaced the original drummer Joe Luke. From the end of 1966 the group had a regular gig at the New Orleans House in Berkeley. As a result of this increased exposure they had the chance to record an EP in 1967.

After the release of the EP Jim Work left the band and was replaced by John Miller. At the end of 1967 the group signed a recording contract with Vanguard and travelled to New York to record an album. Jim Miller was unable to make the trip and was replaced by Skip Rose. Toward the end of 1968 Oswald and O'Connor left the group. Notes From The Underground continued to tour but did not record again. They disbanded toward the end of 1969.

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Notes From The Underground EP

info Notes From The Underground EP, Notes From The Underground, 1967

Notes From The Underground album

info Notes From...., Notes From The Underground, 1968

Notes From The Underground single

no info Down In The Basement / I Wish I Was A Punk, Notes From The Underground, 1968, Vanguard 35073

Various artists compilations that include Notes From The Underground tracks

info The New Sound Underground, Various Artists, 196?
info The Berkeley EP's, Various Artists, 1995
info Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970, Various Artists, 2007
info Hear Me Howling! Blues, Ballads And Beyond, Various Artists, 2011
info Make It Your Sound, Make It Your Scene: Vanguard Records & The 1960s Musical Revolution, Various Artists, 2012

album cover

album cover

album cover

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