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Songs written by Peter Rowan

This page lists songs written, or co-written, by Peter Rowan that have been recorded.

The list is no doubt incomplete but is slowly being expanded. For further information about most of the songs select the relevant 'info' buttons. Song pages that are currently missing do not have an 'info' button. Pages for these songs will be added when time allows.

For information about Peter Rowan recordings see the Peter Rowan discography

Additions, corrections and comments are welcome

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Old and In The Way
Earth Opera | Seatrain

Songs written by Peter Rowan

info Across the Rolling Hills (Padmasambhava)
info African Banjo
info Ahmed the Beggar Boy
info Ain't Nothin' Like a Family
info Ain't That Just Like You
info All My Relations
info All On A Rising Day
info All Winter Long
info The American Eagle Tragedy
info Angel Island
info Arise
info As It Is Before
info Awake Me In The New World
info Awake My Love

info Barefoot Country Road
info Before the Streets Were Paved
info Blue Mountain (Every Man)
info Blue Mule
info Bluegrass Boy
info Blues Come Bother Me
info Break My Heart Again

info Call It Love
info Can't Get There from Here
info Caribbean Woman
info The Child Bride
info Close Your Eyes And Shut The Door
info Come Back to Old Santa Fe
info Cowboys and Indians
info Cries of Love

info Dance Of Pulcinella
info Dance with No Shoes
info Deal With the Devil
info Death By Fire
info Dharma Blues
info Doc Watson Morning
info Don't Ask Me Why
info Don't Pick the Blossom Before the Flower Grows
info Don't Say Goodbye
info Dream Of A Home
info Dream Of Heaven
info Dreaming I Love You
info Dreamless
info Dreams of the Sea
info Drop the Bone
info Drumbeats On The Watchtower
info Dust Bowl Children

info Eagle's Nest (part of the Freedom Trilogy)
info Electric Blanket

info Faith, Love and Devotion
info The Family Demon
info Father, Mother
info Fetch Wood Carry Water
info Fetch Wood Carry Water (Dub Version)
info Fire Dragon
info Fool Myself Again
info For Gods, For Kings & For Gold
info Forest for the Trees
info Free Mexican Airforce
info Freedom State Of Mind (part of the Freedom Trilogy)
info Freedom Trilogy
info Freedom Walkabout
info From My Mountain

info Give Ya Good Lovin'
info God's Own Child
info A Grain of Sand
info The Green Willow
info The Gypsy King's Farewell

info The Harvest
info The Harvest Is Ready
info Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
info Hiroshima Mon Amour
info The Holy Wells of Ireland
info Home Of The Brave
info Home To You
info The Hotter She Burns
info How Sweet Thy Song
info Howlin' at the Moon

info I Can't Get Mellow
info I Don't Want to Live Without Your Love
info I Dreamed of a Home
info I'll Be There
info Illusion's Fool
info I'm Gonna Love You (Like There's No Tomorrow)
info In 1999
info It Slips Away
info It's Love

info Jailer Jailer
info A Jealous Heart and a Worried Mind
info Jerry In The Deep Blue Sea
info Jesus Made the Wine
info Joaquin Murrieta

info Keepin' it Between the Lines (Old School)
info Krídla (Wings)

info Land of the Navajo
no info Last Train
info Let the Harvest Go to Seed
info Letter from Beyond
info Light At The End Of The World
info The Light in Carter Stanley's Eyes
info Little Mother
info Living On The Line
info Lonesome L.A. Cowboy
no info Long Time
info Lost Melody
info Lotus Flower
info Love's Secret Sighs

info Mad Lydia's Waltz
info Makin' It Easy
info A Man Of Time And Tides
info Maria de Las Rosas
info Mary Magdalene
info Maui Momma
info Meadow Green
info Medicine Trail
info Midnight Highway
info Midnight Moonlight
info Miss Liberty (Lay My Lonesome Down)
info Mississippi Moon
info Mongolian Swamp/Kings Men
info A Moth to a Flame
info A Mountain Man's Dream
info Mr. Time Clock
info My Aloha (Appalachian Mountain Home)
info My Blue Hula Girl
info My Foolish Pride
info My Love Will Never Change
info My Savior is Callin' Me

no info New Freedom Bell
info New Moon Rising
info Nighttime
info The Night Prayer
info No Desamines Amor (Don't Disappoint Love)
info Nothin' Personal

info Oh My Love
info Old Silver
info On the Blue Horizon
info One Way
info Outlaw Love

info Panama Red
info Perfection
info Prayer of a Homeless Wanderer
info Pretty Little Blanco River Waltz
info Primavera Dell'amore
info Protestant Preacher
info Pulcinella Sails Away
info Pulling The Devil By the Tail
info Pure White Sail

info Ragged Old Dream
info Rainmaker
info The Raven
info The Red Sox Are Winning
info The Red, The White And The Blue
info Refugee
info Remember That I Love You
info Rendezvous
info Restless Grave
info Revelation
info Riding High in Texas
info Rising O' the Bones
info River of Stone
info River of Time
info Roast Beef Love
info Ruby Ridge

info Sailing Home
info Sanctuary from the Law
info Seeds My Daddy Sowed
info Shaman's Vision
info Shirt Off My Back
info Shoppin' Feet
info Sky Dancer
info Snow Country Girl
info So Good
info Sólo Tus Ojos (Only Your Eyes)
info The Song That Made Hank Williams Dance
info Stable Boy Blues
info Stealin' My Time
info Sugar Cane
info Sunny At Sunrise
info Sweet Melinda

info Take My Ashes
info That High Lonesome Sound
info That's All She Wrote
info That's Alright (Long Time)
info Thirsty in the Rain
info Thunder on the Mountain
info Time And Again
info Tin Roof Shack
info Tired Hands
info To Care At All
info Trail of Tears
info Tree of Leaf and Fire
info Tree on a Hill
info True Love to Last
info Tsuki-Chan
info Tumbleweed
info Turn the Other Cheek
info Two Ships In The Night

info Uncle Jimmy
info Undying Love
info Veil Of Deja Blue
info Vulture Peak
info Vulture Peak (Form and Emptiness)

info Waiting For Elijah
info Walls of Time
info The Waltz Of Waikiki
info Wayside Tavern
info Weep Not for the Dead
info The Wheel of Fortune
info When You Were Full Of Wonder
info Where Angels Weep
info While the Ocean Roars
info Who Will Live?
info Wild Geese Cry Again
info Wild Mustang
info Will Work for Food
info Wings of Horses
info A Winning Hand
info Wisdom Woman
info A Woman in Love

info You Taught Me How to Lose
info You Were There for Me

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