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Seatrain Discography

Seatrain was formed in Marin County in early 1969 by Andy Kulberg, Roy Blumenfeld, Richard Greene and Jim Roberts after the break up of Blues Project. They recorded their first LP in the US in 1969. Their second album was produced by George Martin and recorded in London in 1970. George Martin also produced the third album in 1971 but for this the group returned to the US and recorded at Marblehead. There were some personnel changes during the 1970-72 period. Only one more album was recorded. The group disbanded in 1973.

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Seatrain albums

info Sea Train, Seatrain, 1969
info Seatrain, Seatrain, 1970
info The Marblehead Messenger, Seatrain, 1971
info Watch, Seatrain, 1973

album cover

Seatrain compilations

no info The Best Of Seatrain and Marblehead Messenger, Seatrain, 1987, See For Miles SEE 96
info Seatrain/The Marblehead Messenger, Seatrain, 1999

Seatrain singles

no info Let The Dutchess Know / As I Lay Losing, Seatrain, 1969, A&M 994
no info Caroline, Caroline / Suite For Almond, Seatrain, 1969, A&M 1106
no info 13 Questions / Oh My Love - Sally Goodin'!, Seatrain, 1970, Capitol 3067
no info Song Of Job / Waiting For Elijah, Seatrain, 1971, Capitol 3140
no info Marblehead Messenger / Despair Tire, Seatrain, 1972, Capitol 3201
no info How Sweet Thy Song / Gramercy, Seatrain, 1972,Capitol 3275
no info I'm Willin' / Broken Morning, Seatrain, 1972, Capitol 3421
no info Pack Of Fools / Abbeville Fair, Seatrain, 1973, Warner Bros PRO-562 (promo)
no info Flute Thing / Freedom Is The Reason, Seatrain, 1973, Warner Bros 7696

Various artists compilations that include Seatrain tracks

info Appetizer, Various Artists, 1973
info Hillbilly Fever, Vol 5 - The Best of Country Rock, Various Artists, 1996
info Heroes of Country Music, Vol. 5, Various Artists, 1996
info San Francisco Daze, Various Artists, 1997
info Midsummer Night Dreams and San Francisco Daze, Various Artists, 1998
info The Country-Rockin' Trust Presents: Mystery Train, Various Artists, 2000
info Produced by George Martin, Various Artists, 2001
info Festival Express (DVD), Various Artists, 2004
info From Burbank To The Bay Area, Various Artists, 2005
info What It Is! Funky Soul And Rare Grooves (1967-1977), Various Artists, 2006
info Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970, Various Artists, 2007

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