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Purple Earthquake / Earth Quake Discography

Purple Earthquake were formed in Berkeley probably in 1966. The original line-up of the band was Michael Jones (vocals), Robbie Dunbar (guitar), John Sargeant (guitar), Stan Miller (bass) and Greg Boykin (drums). The group played around the Bay Area over the next couple of years but did not record. John Doukas replaced Michael Jones around the start of 1967. Sometime in 1967 John Sargeant left the group. Steve Nelson replaced Greg Boykin on drums in 1969. In 1970 the group signed with A&M and changed their name to Earth Quake. They released albums in 1971 and 1972. Some time after this their manager, Matthew King Kaufman, set up Beserkley Records and Earth Quake signed to the company. They released four albums on Berserkley between 1975 and 1979. For a couple of years during this period Gary Phillips was a member of the group. They split up at the start of the 1980's.

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Purple Earthquake

There are no Purple Earthquake recordings.

Earth Quake albums

info Earth Quake, Earth Quake, 1971
info Why Don't You Try Me?, Earth Quake, 1972
info Rockin' the World, Earth Quake, 1975
info 8.5, Earth Quake, 1976
info Leveled, Earth Quake, 1977
info Two Years in a Padded Cell, Earth Quake, 1979

Earth Quake compilations

info Purple: The A&M Recordings, Earth Quake, 2003
info Anthology: Sittin' in the Middle of Madness, Earth Quake, 2003

Earth Quake singles

no info Guarding You / Tickler, Earth Quake, 1971
no info Live And Let Live / I Get The Sweetest Feelin, Earth Quake, 1972
no info Bright Lights / ? , Earth Quake, 1972
no info Friday On My Mind / Roadrunner, Earth Quake /Jonathan Richman, 197?
no info Tall Order For A Short Guy / Mr. Security, Earth Quake, 197?
no info Kicks / Trainride, Earth Quake, 1976
no info EP (Friday On My Mind / Girl Named Jesse James / Julie Anne / Mr Security), Earth Quake, 1978

Various artists compilations that include Earth Quake tracks

info Berserkley Chartbusters, Vol 1, Various Artists, 1975
info Berserkley 6 pack of 7"s, Various Artists, 1976
no info Berserkley's Back, Various Artists, 1978?
no info Chartbusters: The Best Of Beserkley 1975-1978, Various Artists, 1986
no info Beserk Times: Alive Over Germany, Various Artists, 1986
info D.I.Y. Come Out and Play: American Power Pop I (1975-78), Various Artists, 1993
info Beserkley's Best: Home of the Hits Revisited, Various Artists, 1998
no info Home of the Hits: The Beserkley Story, Jonathan Richman / Various Artists, 2000
info Beserkley Chartbusters, Various Artists, 2000
info Most Fun You Can Have with Your Clothes On: The Beserkley Story, Various Artists, 2004

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