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Relix Collection

Jorma Kaukonen

Initial release : 2009

Floating World

A double CD collection of tracks originally released on Jorma Kaukonen Relix albums. Tom Constanten plays on one track. Includes a cover version of Friend Of The Devil.


  • Embryonic Journey
  • Broken Highway
  • Radical Sleep
  • Killing Time In Crystal City
  • Walkin' Blues
  • Candy Man
  • Good Shepherd
  • Man's Fate
  • Whining Boy Blues
  • Broken Highway
  • Rock Me Baby
  • Roads And Roads
  • Police Dog Blues
  • Come Back Baby
  • Christmas Rule
  • What Child Is This
  • Holiday Marmalade
  • Fools Blues
  • Big Town
  • Gypsy Fire
  • You Got To Move
  • Laure Laure
  • Man For All Seasons
  • Hypnotation Blues
  • Death Don't Have No Mercy
  • I See The Light
  • Friend Of The Devil
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The tracks on this release are probably from the following albums.

Embryonic Journey:

Broken Highway, Radical Sleep, Killing Time In Crystal City, Walkin' Blues: Candy Man, Good Shepherd, Man's Fate, Whining Boy Blues:
  • Magic, Jorma Kaukonen, 1985
Broken Highway, Rock Me Baby, Roads And Roads, Police Dog Blues, Come Back Baby: Christmas Rule, What Child Is This, Holiday Marmalade: Fools Blues, Big Town, Gypsy Fire, You Got To Move, Laure Laure, Man For All Seasons, Hypnotation Blues, Friend Of The Devil: Death Don't Have No Mercy, I See The Light:
  • Live, Jorma Kaukonen Trio, 2001
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