Composer: Jorma Kaukonen

Performed by Railroad Earth.


This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

info Quah, Jorma Kaukonen / Tom Hobson, 1974
info Flight Log (1966-1976), Jefferson Airplane, 1977
info Double Dose, Hot Tuna, 1978
info Live At Sweetwater, Hot Tuna, 1992
info Relix Bay Rock Shop #5, Relix Magazine 20th Anniversary Show, Various Artists (Hot Tuna), 1993
info Scrapple Soundtrack, Various Artists (Jorma Kaukonen), 1999
info Extended Versions, Hot Tuna, 2004
info Margot at the Wedding Soundtrack, Various Artists (Jorma Kaukonen), 2007
info 2003-08-08 The Bottom Line, New York City, NY, Jorma Kaukonen, 2010
info Retrospective 2001-2009, Railroad Earth, 2010

Railroad Earth: live concert recordings

info November 21, 2009, Boulder, CO, Railroad Earth, 2009
info January 1, 2011, Denver, CO, Railroad Earth, 2011
info November 26, 2011, Stroudsburg, PA, Railroad Earth, 2011
info March 2, 2012, Portland, OR, Railroad Earth, 2012
info July 8, 2012, Quincy, CA, Railroad Earth, 2012
info January 16, 2015, Chicago, IL, Railroad Earth, 2015

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album cover