Shake That Thing
Composer: Traditional / Charlie Jackson

Shake That Thing was performed by Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions in 1964.

The origins of this song are uncertain. Charlie Jackson recorded a version in 1925 but similar songs probably existed before that date.

There are many recordings with the title Shake That Thing or similar titles. Some of these are, more or less, the same as that performed by Mother McCrees, some are similar, others completely different. The list below is an attempt to identify versions that are the same or (loosely) similar.

Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions

info Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions, Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions, 1998

Other recordings

no info Single (Shake That Thing / The Faking Blues), Charlie Jackson, 1925
no info Single (No Man's Mama / Shake That Thing), Ethel Waters, 1925
no info Single (Shake That Thing / Get It Fixed), Clarence Williams Blue Five, 1926
no info Single (Quit Knockin At My Door / Shake That Thing), Viola Bartlette, 1926
no info Single (Pump Tillie / Shake That Thing), Jimmie Blythe / Jimmy O'Bryant, 1926
no info Single (Shake That Thing / Skoodlum Blues), O'Bryant Washboard Wonders, 1926?
no info Single (Shake That Thing / Wait Till You See My Baby Do The Charleston), Dixie Washboard Band, 1926
no info Single (After I Say I'm Sorry / Shake That Thing), Abe Lymans' Californian Orchestra, 1926
no info Single (Up The Country Blues / Shake That Thing), Wingy Mannone & His Orchestra, 1930
no info Single (New Shake That Thing / It's A Pain To Me), Mississippi Sheiks, 1932
no info Single (Trouble Don't Last / Shake That Thing), Ralph Willis, 1944
no info Single (Shake That Thing / Apex Blues), Art Hodes' Blue Five, 1945
no info Single (Shake That Thing / Kansas City Man Blues), Turk Murphy Bay City Stompers, 1948
no info Dixieland Jubilee, Art Hodes, 1950
no info Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band, 1954
no info Single (Shake That Thing / Keep A-Talking), Wynonie Harris & His Allstars, 1954
no info Jazz Band Ball, Various Artists (Turk Murphy's Jazz Band), 1955
no info Battle of the Blues, Roy Brown and Wynonie Harris, 1958
info Dave Van Ronk And The Ragtime Jug Stompers, 1964
no info Art Hodes All-Star Stompers, 1966
no info The Funky Piano of Art Hodes, Art Hodes, 1969
info Fat Mouth 1924-1927, Papa Charlie Jackson, 1971
no info Sittin' on Top of the World 1927-32, Mississippi Sheiks / Beale Street Sheiks, 1972
no info Old King Gold Volume 9, Various Artists (Wynonie Harris), 1975
info Great Bluesmen: Newport, Various Artists (Lightnin' Hopkins with Samuel Lay), 1976
no info Mule Bone, Taj Mahal, 1991
info Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1: 1924-1926, Papa Charlie Jackson, 1991
info Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3: 1931-1934, Mississippi Sheiks, 1991
no info Live in Chicago, Hasil Adkins, 1992
no info Shake That Thing, Lightnin' Hopkins, 1992
no info Shake That Thing: America's Top Bands of the 20's, Various Artists (Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra), 1992
no info Women, Whiskey & Fish Tails, Wynonie Harris, 1993
no info The Chronological: 1924-1926, Clarence Williams, 1993
no info Look at That Caveman Go!!, Hasil Adkins, 1993
no info Back to Bodega, Down Home Jazz Band, 1993
no info The Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers, Various Artists (Papa Charlie Jackson), 1993
no info Battle of the Blues, Vol. 1, Roy Brown / Wynonie Harris, 1994
no info An Introduction to: Her Best Recordings 1921-1940, Ethel Waters, 1994
no info Magnolia Jazz Band & Art Hodes, 1994
no info King of the Tailgate Trombone, Kid Ory, 1994
no info Live at Hambone Kelly's, Vol. 2, Lu Watters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band, 1994
no info The Wingy Manone Collection, Vol. 1: 1927-1930, Wingy Manone, 1995
no info In Concert, Mississippi John Hurt, 1995
no info Turk Murphy's Jazz Band Favorites, Vol. 2, Turk Murphy's Jazz Band, 1995
no info Risque Blues: It Ain't the Meat, Various Artists (Wynonie Harris), 1995
no info Good Rockin' Tonight, Wynonie Harris, 1996
no info Big Charlie Thomas: 1925-1927, Big Charlie Thomas, 1996
no info The Complete Sessions, Vol. 3: 1925-1926, Clarence Williams, 1996
no info St. Louis Ragtimers, Volume 2, St. Louis Ragtimers, 1996
no info The Chronological Ethel Waters: 1925-1926, Ethel Waters, 1997
no info Swingin' at the Hickory House: His 24 Greatest, Wingy Manone, 1997
info Shake That Thing, Last Chance Jug Band, 1997
no info Shake That Thing: Fingerpicking Country Blues Guitar, Stefan Grossman, 1998
no info The Best of Mississippi John Hurt: Ain't No Tellin', Mississippi John Hurt, 1998
no info Kinky and Sweet, Terry Waldo and Bo Grumpus, 1998
no info Ladies of Blues, Various Artists (Ethel Waters), 1998
no info Git Ya Some, Fantastic Shakers, 1999
no info Songs of Mississippi John Hurt, Bill Morrissey, 1999
info Bleecker Street Blues, Blues Project, 1999
no info Sultry Divas, Various Artists (Ethel Waters), 1999
no info Complete Blue Note Art Hodes Sessions, Art Hodes, 199?
no info Complete Works, Vol. 1: 1944-1951, Ralph Willis, 2000
no info The Essential Recordings, Lightnin' Hopkins, 2000
no info Volume 1, 1937-1943, Lu Watters & the Yerba Buena Jazz Band, 2000
no info Birth of the Blues, Various Artists (Lightnin' Hopkins), 2000
no info Trouble Blues, Various Artists (Lightnin' Hopkins), 2000
no info Dirty Blues, Various Artists (Ethel Waters), 2000
info Newport Folk Festival: Best of the Blues 1959-68, Various Artists (Lightnin' Hopkins with Samuel Lay), 2001
no info Live at Newport, Lightnin' Hopkins, 2002
info The Essential, Mississippi Sheiks, 2002
no info Hot Recordings by a West Coast Band, 1922-32, Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra, 2002
no info Doing the Hambone at Kelly's, Vol. 2, Lu Watters & His Yerba Buena Jazz Band, 2002
no info Mystery Man of Jazz, Jimmy O'Bryant, 2002
no info Risque Blues: The King Anthology, Various Artists (Wynonie Harris), 2002
no info From Hell to Gone and Back: Texas Blues, Various Artists (Lightnin' Hopkins), 2002
no info Blues Singer, Various Artists (Mississippi John Hurt), 2002
no info h Sister: The Best of Southern Blues, Various Artists (Ethel Waters), 2002
no info Legendary Blues: Blues Sisters, Various Artists (Ethel Waters), 2002
no info The Incomparable, Ethel Waters, 2003
info Some Old Lonesome Day, Lauren Sheehan, 2003
no info American Roots Songbook: Blues from the Texas Byways, Various Artists (Lightnin' Hopkins), 2003
no info Am I Blue: 1921-1947, Ethel Waters, 2004
no info Shake That Thing, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, 2004
no info Blue Turning Gray, Chick Roberts, 2004
no info The Blues Anthology, Lightnin' Hopkins, 2005
no info Mahagony Hall Stomp, Kid Ory, 2005
info San Francisco Jazz, Vol. 1, Ted Shafer's Jelly Roll Jazz Band, 2005
no info Best of the Blues, Various Artists (Lightnin' Hopkins), 2005
no info Chasin' the Blues, Jim Cullum Jazz Band, 2006
no info Devil's Serenade, Mora's Modern Rhythmists, 2006
no info Shake That Thing: East Coast Blues 1935-1953, Various Artists (Ralph Willis), 2006
no info Chitterlin Struts and Washboard Stomps, Lem Fowler, 2007
no info Legends of Country Blues, Vol. 1, Son House/Mississippi John Hurt, 2007
no info Shake That Thing, Salty Dogs, 2007
no info Pathe and Cameo Jazzbands 1921-1928, Various Artists, 2007
no info Best of Jazz, Blues & Rock, Various Artists (Lightnin' Hopkins), 2008
no info The History of Rhythm & Blues, Various Artists (Papa Charlie Jackson), 2008
no info Jail House Blues, Various Artists (Mississippi Sheiks), 2008
no info Paramount Jazz, Various Artists (O'Bryant's Washboard Band), 2009

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